Mehendi is then said to be the form of love as it portrays love and also is be auspicious that’s the reason that during wedding or puja women’s put Mehendi.

There are not many designs especially for Bride’s that they can put on their hands. There are only a few designs available for bridal Mehendi. It also applies to the bride how they like their backhand.


Minimal Mehendi designs

Many brides want to keep there backhand simple so they go for simple Arabic or Moroccan design on their backhand or they just go for the info Arabic designs. As also the minimal backhand look more pretty. It also gives a modern feel to your Mehendi and also it suits your look. Also brides go for simple backhand mehndi designs because they can get more design which looks elegant and at the same time, it matches to your dressing.

The fingers bracelet design- This design is simple as well as unique. Its art is in the shape of the bracelet which has a finger ring it. Its pattern looks absolutely classy.

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The line art- It is another minimal design which elegance and this design are not mostly seen on the hands of any bride. It looks beautiful with the dots in the line and also adds floral design in the Mehendi.

Floral mehndi designs- This design are very simple with floral art around our hand which being a minimal Mehendi design adds a modern beauty to your hands.

Full hand mehndi designs

These are the most common form of Mehendi designs which are mostly seen in every wedding but what makes its look different is the style by which it is made and also this is the only design which makes a bride look like a bride with Mehendi on their full hand. Although it is very time consuming but although being difficult many Indian brides wants Mehendi on their full backhand because this is what we had seen from our childhood and thus it becomes every girl dream to put Mehendi on their full hand during there wedding.

Jaali Mehendi designs-As the name suggests it in like jaali or net which although being simple covers mostly full backhand. It has some empty spaces which make it look more elegant.

Arabic Mehendi designs- Like everyone, the simplest of all forms of Mehendi designs are Arabic designs. It looks more glamorous and also its designs are so common that also you can add your creativity onto your designs.

Bharwa Mehendi designs- Like the name, this Mehendi designs fully covers your hand and also these designs are very classy as they the very close made and also there is very less place in between the design.

Whatever type of Mehendi you choose for your wedding that doesn’t really matter because everyone has there own personality. Just wear what you really like.

Mehendi is an art of love and whenever you wear on our hands is just the symbol of our love and your patience. The more patient you are the more beautiful your Mehendi with the look.