Fashion holds a very important part of the lives of a few people. It is a way for them to express how they feel. As an expression of their emotions, it also helps them to relax and stay calm. Looking good, experimenting with new styles, trying new trends is what they love the most. Everyone wants to look their best on the day when they tie a bond of promises with his/her loved one.

Especially for fashion lovers, it is the perfect opportunity to use their skills and experiment and play around with their outfit, jewelry, and accessories.


Adding beautiful and tiny pieces of accessories can help to bring a new look to the whole outfit. It helps to add a touch of beauty, elegance, and uniqueness in your look. One such item that has become a favorite is a latkan in lehenga. Having a beautiful latkan tied to the side of your lehenga, contrasting and playing with the fabric’s color and texture can help to add extra sparkle. There are so many different latkans that the market, as well as the whole internet, is full of. All you have to do is find the perfect one for your lehenga. One that suits the color, the design of your outfit, one that doesn’t look unmatched or overdone in any way. Searching the internet for pretty latkan ideas for your bridal lehengas can help you to find the perfect one.

Pretty Bridal Latkan Ideas

Latkan with Names


These are the days of experimentation and the trend of trying something unique. Customization is the key to achieve exclusivity. This has also taken place with latkans of your lehengas. It includes customized latkans with your name or the name of you and your partner printed or embroidered in a stylish way to suit your outfit.

Along with the names certain funky quotes or sayings related to weddings or couples can be embroidered too.

Heavy Work Latkans

With the ongoing trend of simpler or minimal work bridal lehengas, heavy work latkans are in trend. Wearing latkans with heavy embroidery, golden or silverwork, heavy embroidery, work with beads, sparkling materials and other decor items look beautiful, attracting everybody’s attention.

Funky Latkans


Funky latkans help to add an element of fun and humor. This might just be the funny quote latkans or by adding interesting elements. This might include pom poms, colorful feathers, and balls of different shapes, birds, cycles, and other cutwork designs.

Latkan with Traditional Work

With the funky work, latkans with traditional gotta Patti work and traditional hand-painted work look good too. For traditional latkans, the use of small Rajasthani elephants, bandhani, or other traditional work can add a touch of culture and heritage to your look.

Simple and Elegant Latkans

Along with the heavy work latkans everywhere, you might choose a latkan with minimal work for an elegant look. Such latkans are perfect for brides who have a very heavy lehenga; they can work best with lehengas for pre-wedding functions. They give a simple and sober look to the whole outfit. Even if the whole outfit is very heavy, the latkans style can help to add a new element to it. It can make the heavy outfit bit sober though it is just a small addition.

Color Play with Latkans



Correct use of color can help to change the whole look. It gives life to the look, making it brighter and vibrant. You can play with different colors when it comes to wearing latkans. When your lehenga is made of one whole color shade, a different complementing shade of latkan or a latkan with different shades of the same color can help to add depth and an interesting element to your look.

There are so many latkans available in the market these days. Choose the one that suits your lehenga and add fun, tradition, beauty, and color to your wedding look.