photos with Bridesmaids

Do you like getting clicked, right? Everyone does. If it you are a bridesmaid, you have an upper hand here. You are among the favourites of the bride. So, how can you leave the chance of getting clicked with the bride when you know these photos are the only thing that is going to remain forever with you as a memory. I bet these photos with bridesmaids you will see most often.

But wait, we are not talking about the photos in which you are told to say ‘CHEESE’, we meant the photos which will make you say ‘We were mad’.

photos with bridesmaid


Here are the Some Quirky Photos With Bridesmaids To Make Your Wedding Memorable:

I can’t wait to show you some of the quirky pictures with bridesmaids that will make you want to create a moment similar to that. Let’s check them out!

photos with bridesmaids

Credit – Thewedcafe

Who Said Women Shouldn’t Drink?

This photo is from the wedding of Kishwar Merchant and Suyash Rai. Representing today’s modern women, Kishwar along with her bridesmaids is aware of how she is to make this moment memorable. Well, not a bad option to resort to wine bottles for some quirky photos at least.

photos with bridesmaids


What Are You Guys Doing?

Doesn’t it seem this is what the bridesmaids want to say to the bride and the groom? This photo looks so cute and cuter are the expressions of the beautiful bridesmaids.

quirky photos with bridesmaid


Heels On

Undoubtedly. this is a quirky one. The bridesmaids wearing colored stockings beneath their lehenga and flaunting it to get clicked is not something you see in every wedding.

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Let’s Go Shopping Girls

The perfect combination of mint green and white makes this photo look so adorable. It seems the gorgeous women are going for a shopping together.

photos with bridesmaids


Princess Vibes

The bride sitting on a ‘jhoola’ just like the princess used to in the ancient times looks so regal. When you have bridesmaids clad in bright yellow to shower divine flowers at you, who wouldn’t get the queenly vibes.

photos with bridesmaids


Picture-Perfect Umbrella

This is a dream moment when the bridesmaids wear similar outfits. That isn’t all. The similar umbrellas too that match with the color of bride’s lehenga.

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What A Joke That Was

The bride sitting in the lap of the bridesmaids with her ‘kala chashma’ on. This photo has so much fun and joy involved as if someone cracked a joke.

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Queens Posing With Auto-rickshaw

You have seen bride sitting in Doli, right? Common. Sitting in a car? Common. Coming in an auto-rickshaw? Well, not so common. The bride along with the bridesmaids looked utter chic posing with the auto-rickshaw.

photos with BridesmaidsSource

The Most Relaxed Bride

How picturesque this photo is with the charming bride and the bridesmaids. This desi looking bride doesn’t have so-desi acts.

quirky photos with bridesmaid


Tera Pyar Hukkah Baar

There is no denying that this bride and her bridesmaids are the most chilled out people. Having fun with the chuddy-buddies while doing hukkah is the quirkiest of the wedding photos.

photos with BridesmaidsSource

Make your bridesmaids feel special by giving them importance in your wedding. Give a twist to your desi wedding with the most quirky photos with the bridesmaids who accompany you throughout your wedding. Time to ditch the traditional formula of showing all the sparkling teeth in a photo. I hope you found these photos with Bridesmaids quirky enough to make your otherwise boring photos interesting.

If you have tried some quirky poses in a wedding, let us know about them and if not, what are you waiting for.