Bachelorette Party

You’ve probably done a PhD on this one. Thanks to Hollywood. Let me give you an eye opener. A Bachelorette is not always about cheating on your fiance, doing drugs or watching strippers doing a lap dance on you. Did you know the concept of ‘bachelorette party’ dates back to The Mughal Era? Oo la la.. Didn’t see that one coming, did you? But, yes they did. Mind you, I’m talking about the women too. The princess to be married had a secret feast with her women friends the night before where they would drink wine and play dress up. You heard it first here. Without further due, let me enlighten you with what is a ‘bachelorette’ and most importantly, Why you should have one.

Breaking the myths, here are reasons why you should have a bachelorette party:

“To enjoy your last day of freedom” ? … No !

First of all, you lost the ticket to fling around the day you met your fiancé. People who tell you that you have one last night to enjoy being ‘single’, clearly want you to indulge in some stupid decisions you will regret the very next day. So its an overdone ‘sham’. Second of all, if you have an honest relationship with your husband/wife-to-be you don’t have anything to worry about. 


It’s Not A Constitutional Rule

Some people are just not a party person. They’d rather stay in to Netflix and Chill! And there’s nothing wrong with that. The whole point of having a bachelorette is to enjoy your time with yourself before you share each second of your life with your better half for the rest of your lives. May give you the pre wedding jitters. But that’ll go away sooner than you think. One could go to the movies with their friends, have the ‘spa weekend’, dinner date with the fam jam, or even a short trip with close ones. Anything that gives you a Relax is your bachelorette party.

The Sole Motive Of A Bachelorette Party

So You can enjoy You. And your friends can get drunk (or not). While other people can get their shares of fun by teasing you on your ‘end of your freedom’, you can just be grateful for your life and embrace the new beginnings. After all, marriage is indeed a big step in any one’s life. Celebrate a little and away from the whole wedding shebang. For people who actually are into the wilderness, can go for it by all means. It will involve a fair amount of booze, dancing, club hopping, adventures, sports, surprises planned by their friends. Remember, its a mere opportunity to have a great time with yourself/friends/family. Whatever floats your boat.

The ‘Conservative’ Bachelorette

Speaking of conservative, most Indian families are most of the time unaware of a ‘bachelorette party’ concept. Probably because their children don’t tell them. But you owe this one to yourself. It might create a probability of actually ending up doing things you wouldn’t otherwise. So make sure the bachelorette doesn’t get too dangerous or unethical. Inform one elder person (who is most safe to tell) so he/she can handle things at home if anybody ever found out. It gives you a time out to have a little fun outside the continuous supervision of your family.

The Ultimate Bachelorette Trip

For all the men, women and their friends who were too busy dealing with ‘life’, this might be your chance to do that trip y’all been planning since college. Okay I know what you’re thinking, ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ or ‘Hangover’. No. Well, we are not Hollywood or Bollywood. We are ‘mango people’ who have a budget. You can be super rich and actually do it. But I’ll be modest. Plan a trip with your best men or women. This could be it, unwind. Nobody will cancel out because Hello, You’re Getting Married!

Joint Bachelorette

Circa 2000

Finally something that’s not as old as time. Both the fiancés can pool their resources and their friends to throw a ginormous bachelorette. Cutting through all the red tape, they both can celebrate their time before wedding and eliminate all the ‘don’t tell’ part of bachelorette party. You must think it defeats the purpose of having a bachelorette in the first place. You weren’t paying attention, that was not the point of having a bachelorette. The point was to let your hair down.


Its your wedding, you have to have a Bachelorette Party. And now you know why.

P.S. Make sure its not just one night before your wedding day. For obvious reasons. You wanna look a like a thousand bucks on your wedding day not exhausted.