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About Sachin Fotos

Sachin Fotos  Founder is a photographer from Alwar. Now making photograph for Wedding assignments, Fashion. Documentary and Fine arts. It  is the most innovative Wedding photography company . It has a large team of wedding professionals ranging from photographers to cinematographers , album designers to video editors.They are one of the most celebrated and reviewed wedding photographer. They have tried to emerge as a picture company which delivers moments in a unique flavor which makes them feel like yesterday.  Every member of their is devoted to give you candid and narrative moments which weave a story around your moment. They are the team of creative wedding photographers with a passion for candid wedding photography. They  are specialized to capture artistically different unique moments that the couple wish to be present in the memories.

A wedding photographer is there to capture each moment of your special day as it unfolds, while a wedding videographer captures the event on film so that you can watch your wedding video for years to come.

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Choosing the right videographer for your wedding is equally as important as choosing the right wedding photographer – each videographer will have a different style and unlike a photographer, you will most likely only receive one wedding video and there won’t be different versions for you to choose from.