Remember when we were little and tried struggling through draping our mom’s saree? It never turned out how it should for me; instead, I just got stuck in all the layers. We’ve all been there at least once, haven’t we? Or was I the only non-sanskari Indian girl who didn’t matriculate the art of saree draping from my mother’s womb? However way, the point is: There was a time when there was only one traditional method of saree draping which we all couldn’t get our head around. Today, we have plenty. So, get ready for some amazing saree draping styles for your wedding functions.

Trending Saree Draping Styles For Weddings, Engagements And Parties

Thank heavens, we’ve got options now: some plain easy, some plain complicated. Let’s struggle through these saree draping styles now, shall we?

1) Dhoti Style Saree

Probably one of our favorites, Dhoti style saree draping has been a major hit in the fashion industry. The most recognized icon was Sonam Kapoor sporting this very edgy look. Start by wrapping the saree around from back to front leaving 1-2m to the non-pallu end, overlap both the end at the center and secure with safety pins. Then start making pleats for the pallu to form a dhoti-like drape from the corner of the left saree and drape it smartly on your shoulder. With the rest of the fabric, make pleats at the front and tuck them into your leggings. Accessorize the right way and head out!

Saree draping styles

2) Butterfly Saree Drape

For a sassy engagement look, butterfly drape is an amazing ‘saree draping styles’ option. What better way to show off your gym efforts than this? It’s an easy draping method and with just one practice you can master it.

Saree draping styles

Start draping the saree below the navel in a normal way. For the pleats, you have to make sure that they’re really thin, this makes all the difference. Now, instead of the usual drape along the shoulder, take the pallu inside the blouse with the rest, hanging on the back, as shown in the picture.

3) The Quirky Neck

If you’re one who fancies staying far away from traditions, this one’s for you. Stand out from the crowd in this quirked up saree draping style and make heads turn; all you have to do to pull this look off is to stay away from over accessorizing and that’s it. And, of course, confidence would shine you apart.

All you have to do is drape the saree around the waist and tuck the pleats from left to right as shown in the picture. For the pallu, just take the fabric front to back and wrap around the neck.

Saree draping styles

4) Same Side Pallu

Another one of the favorites this wedding season was this draping style. It’s easy, unique, trendy and oh-so-stunning. All you have to do here is drape the saree casually like you would and instead of taking the pallu normally on the crossed shoulder, drape it on the same shoulder from where you started making the pallu. Convenient, huh?

5) Mermaid Saree

Traditional draping with a modern touch, the mermaid saree became well-established after it took on to Bollywood celebrities. The difference is in the manner of pleats; it is draped in such a way that it looks like a skirt from the front.

Saree draping styles

Start by draping the saree from the left like you normally would and bring it to the other side and tuck the end of the saree on the right side. Now, tuck the pleats on the back or to the sides, instead of the usual front. This makes all the difference. Wrap it around and come to the same side as when you started. Now coming to the pleats of the pallu, mermaid style has pleats on the border of the saree. Keep securing them with safety pins. Take the rest of the fabric and start draping it around. Now, take the end of the pallu to the front while holding it from the center of the inner pleat. Lastly, pull the corner of the pallu and bring it to the front and secure with safety pins.

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6) Front Loop Saree

Another fancy draping style, the front loop style can be achieved super conveniently without much confusion. It’s probably the easiest one on this list. Drape the saree in a regular fashion and all you have to do is take the pallu in the front like a dupatta instead of moving it on one side of the shoulder, as shown in the picture.

Saree draping styles

Tip: Try to use fabrics like Chanderi to avoid looking shabby.

These were a few saree draping styles you should definitely try this wedding season! Let us know in the comments which one you were able to pull off!



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