Arranged Marriages

Before I start, I let me tell you that I have no first hand knowledge of ‘marriages’ altogether. I am just another Indian novice who is open to all the ideas of marriage on its continuum. So there you are ensured that these points of views are very much unbiased. We as millennials are scared to shiz when it comes to the whole concept of “Arranged Marriages”. I hear you ! We’ve witnessed so many unsuccessful cases of arranged marriages that it has really gone wrong in our heads. Can’t blame you. With greater emphasis on “Love Marriages”, we can’t even think about how unpredictable arranged marriages can go. You have the right concerns. But I’ll tell you what, we have, by default,  over looked some really great benefits and rational reasons behind it. Before you turn away from the prospectus, have a look at these unspoken-about reasons.

Say “Yes” to arranged marriages. Here are 6 reasons why?

Parents’ Hard Earned Wisdom

Well, we can learn a thing or two from our parents’ hard earned wisdom, they must’ve done something right. We turned out to be just fine. Believe it or not, they Are concerned about your future and they see a lot more ahead than you. They will take up full responsibility and go through all the hustle to land you with the most stable man/woman and family environment. When you heard that ‘marriages in India does not just happens between two people, but two families’, you heard it right.

You Have The Final Say

It is Not a forced arrangement. You must know you can always say ‘No’. The ultimate choice is yours and no parent (or nobody on earth) can make you choose a life partner. Arranged marriages give you a ‘filtered’ version of options. It eliminates the small and big potential disparities before you go on to choose from a pool of suitable partners. There are no heartbreaks even if the proposal doesn’t work out.

Backbone Of Two Supportive Families

So when it does work out and you’re married to a person who is approved by your parents, you now have two supportive pillars to back you at any stage of your life. That’s kind of a relief to know when you’re pulled down by the gremlins of life. You are absolutely insulated with strong shields to any mishap or unfortunate events. Security is one of the major reasons why people choose to opt for arranged marriages. By ‘security’, I meant in every sense of the word.

So Much More Room For New

Of course, love marriages are people who already know each other to the deep end. But an arranged marriage is starting a whole new chapter of it. An entire life to explore, embrace and learn about each other, it can be quite beautiful. With no knowledge of each others’ habits, personality, interests, you never know. Maybe you’re in to find out how similar you both are or how complimentary you both are. Well, you’ll come to the point of ‘boredom’ way later than couples who’re already familiar and in love with their partners before getting married. The romance stays a little longer, you can say.

Families Make The Marriage Thicker

Since families are involved from the very beginning, they stick together till the very end of it. Sometimes, they even ‘save’ it. Nothing and nobody comes with a guarantee, but families make it easier through the thick and thin of the marriage. Big fights, divorce scenarios, basically all the deal breakers, they stand right beside you. Families ease the tough places of being married by resolving issues overall. They make sure what’s broken gets fixed. No impulsive decisions are made no matter how dire the situation gets.

Brings The Best In You

Family values, cultures, traditions and collectivist approach to life bring out the harmony and togetherness in people. Arranged marriages are no exception. There is a certain sense of respect and appreciation for others in an arranged marriage. These things set up the boundaries and limits that one needs to be able to have for a steady and firm lifestyle. It brings us to act with responsibility and rationally.


Its not as bad as we think it is. Some of the legendary couples till date had an arranged marriage. It wasn’t just a mere stroke of luck. People make efforts, choices and work every damn day to figure out a sustainable life together. Marriages are hard work. Period. Families just make the whole process a little more smoother and with loads of pampering and love.