There are five major seasons all over the world. The major wedding seasons starts from late Spring and continues all the way to Fall. Moreover, the peak wedding months are June and September. Although, these are the standard wedding seasons. As we all know, weddings can be held all through the year. Apart from the peak months, there are also other several months when a wedding can take place. To support this, this article highlights all the benefits of particular seasons. Furthermore, it goes on to tell you about the Seasonal Wedding Inspirations that might help you influence your wedding! 


As mentioned above, Spring is one of the seasons where weddings occur. With everything coming to life and springing up, this is the perfect season to start new beginnings. The months of March April and May offer various soft and subtle colors like lemon yellow, peach, various shades of purple, gray, blue, white, and more!

Spring weddings are floral and jubilation of pretty colors. The sunshine and warm temperatures make spring extremely bright and earthy. Furthermore, this seasonal wedding inspiration also acts as a serene landscape and transforms the surroundings with warmth, color, and fragrance. The weather is absolutely ideal during these times!

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Summer weddings are usually a lot of hassle and trouble, obviously because of the heat. Therefore, keeping the ceremony in the shade or under some kind of surface covering will be extremely beneficial. You also must keep air coolers and cold drinks around so that the guests can sip them during the ceremony. 

Summer brings about bright colors like purple, yellow, orange, green, etc. which could be incorporated in your wedding. In the summertime, you must avoid the hours with peak heat, noon to 3 o’clock. Try to keep your ceremonies a little later or in the evening so it would be convenient for you both, as well as your guests. 

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Fall/ Autumn

Fall is the season of change. In this season we incorporate and embrace the changes that occur within nature, in ourselves. This would be one of the perfect times to get married in. Moreover, the autumn or fall season creates an incredibly earthy and lively atmosphere around. It is an ideal climate for a ceremony that will be held outdoors as it is no longer hot and humid like it is during summer, but it is also not yet dry and cold like it is in winter. Some of the popular colors and trends in fall are velvet, satin, silks, and shimmering materials. Moreover, on the colorful side, jewel-toned hues of marigold, maroon, deep purple, turquoise or dark green.

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Winter weddings are usually much cheaper than in any other season. Like summer, these also lean towards an extreme weather condition- cold. Some of the winter colors that go really well are rose gold, dark wine, green, gray, blue, silver, and more such exotic and rich colors. To keep warm, brides and grooms must wear thick fabrics or heavy materials to keep away from frostbites. The plus point here is the wedding photos in the snow! They will be so stunning and precious that you’ll never get over them!

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Like the weather, monsoon weddings are dreamy and romantic! Although, the thought of rain spoiling your wedding is quite concerning. To prevent this, you can have a covering (as shown in the picture) and enjoy your outdoor rainy season wedding with the gentle and calming pitter-patter of raindrops. For monsoon weddings, you must go for bright colors and some light fabric for your wedding outfits such as chiffon, georgette, net, or lace. Also, obviously, keep plenty of umbrellas around!

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