Its no easy task to plan a wedding. Especially if its one Big Fat Indian Wedding. Our culture has a its way of getting weddings under our skin. Every single time. It never gets old and it never gets easier. After all, no one is trained to plan a wedding. Even the wedding planners go through the pressure. You know when it all starts? The day you get ENGAGED. The trail of One Big Question that is asked over and over again until you give them an answer.

“So, When is the Wedding Date?”

wedding date

With their big wide exciting eyes, your mind goes blank. It won’t be long enough before it gets to you and you start feeling jumpy about it. RELAX. You got this. Keep these important things in mind before you spring out a wedding date:

Winter Vs. Summer

This is your priority question that you need to ask yourself. In India, we practically have only two seasons for weddings. Its either winters or summers. Winter Weddings are budget friendly as compared to Summer Weddings. Since, winter weddings are more common, you need to pick a venue way before to get your hands on it. Everything (attire, make-up, venue, food, decor etc.) will vary with the season you choose to get married in. So, think hard.

Local Vs. Destination

Wouldn’t say its the ‘second question’ that you need to ask yourself. Because the point mentioned above will differ if you choose to have a destination wedding. Generally, destination weddings are either in the Rajasthan sphere or tropical states like Goa or Mumbai or even South. You need to keep track of the weather prevalent and pick out preferable months accordingly. Local weddings are convenient in more than one ways. Vendors, family and friends are all closer to you.

Weekends Vs. Weekdays

As easy pick as it sounds, both weekdays and weekends have their own pros and cons. Just hear me out. Venues are fairly cheaper on weekdays. You get to spend the upcoming weekend relaxed with your newly wed partner after the exhausting wedding week. Weekends are easier for your friends and family who work jobs.

Iconic Dates Vs. It Doesn’t Matter

Some of you might have a specific date preferences in mind. Remarkable dates for you. For example, the date when you first met your fiance or Valentine’s Day or a ‘good looking’ date (09/11/19). While for some, it doesn’t really matter, as long as its a wedding with their loved ones. If you’re tight on a date, make sure you adjust everything else according to that.

Eustress Vs. Distress

Eustress is good for you since it’ll keep you motivated to figure it all out. Listen to the advice of elders and close members, they will only make it easier for you. Distress happens when you listen to others a bit too much. Perhaps, stick to your own plans. A wedding can never be a 100% perfect and suitable for All your loved ones. Taking feedback from everyone on the planning will only leave you hanging in the middle of nowhere.

Your Wedding Date = Your Friend’s Wedding Date

Avoid That! Firstly, the ‘date’ is not yours only anymore. You have to share it with your very close friend, every year. Imagine having anniversary parties and your mutual friends would be divided and confused as to which one to attend to. Secondly, You both won’t be able to enjoy each other’s wedding. Make sure there’s no other friend getting married on the same date.


We’ve pretty much covered it. The mantra for setting the wedding date is “Take Your Own Time”. Its going to be your forever thing. We hope you find us helpful. And Congratulations!

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