Marriage is a sacred union between two people. It is a celebration of love and understanding that two people share. India is a land of culture and tradition and marriage in India is celebrated like a big grand festival. This celebration is not only about two people getting married but also about their families who are going to become one. In a Hindu wedding, there are various rituals that need to be completed before the bride and the groom are declared married. These rituals include Jaimala, Saat Phere, Mangalsutra, Sindoor, and many more rituals. But these four are the main rituals which need to be fulfilled before the bride and the groom become husband and wife.

Seven Sacred Vows And Hindu Wedding

While all the rituals hold their significance, Saat Phere or Seven vows is the most important ritual. It holds a very great significance in Hindu mythology and no wedding is completed without chanting these sacred vows before fulfilling the ritual of Saat Phere. These are the seven sacred vows and what they mean:


The First Sacred Vow 

This vow is all about taking care and responsibility and providing good nourishment to each other. The husband promises to take care of the needs of his wife. And in return, the wife agrees to look after her husband, children, house, and household. Both the husband and wife agree to take up responsibility and take care of the new chapter that they are starting.


The Second Sacred Vow

The second is all about protection and support. The husband vows to protect his wife from all the problems and difficulties in this world. And the wife vows to support her husband in the failures as well as success in life. To encourage him when he is demotivated and support him at every step of life’s exams.


The Third Sacred Vow

This vow is about fulling responsibility and complete devotion. The husband promises to fulfill his responsibility of providing a happy, wealthy, and easy life to his wife and children. In return, the wife agrees to show complete faith and devotion in her husband.


The Fourth Sacred Vow

Nothing is better than appreciating someone’s effort. In this vow, the groom expresses his heartfelt appreciation to his bride for coming into his life. He is thankful to her because with all the love his bride will make his house a home. The bride accepts the groom’s appreciation and promises him that she will fill his life love and laughter.


The Fifth Sacred Vow

The fifth is about the relation between husband and wife. The husband accepts his wife as a best friend and true well-wisher when there is a difficulty. He asks the Almighty to bless her with an abundance of happiness. The wife promises to build a relationship that has unconditional love and trust. This vow wishes that the husband’s happiness should lie in the wife’s smile and the wife’s smile should be obtained from the husband’s happiness.


The Sixth Sacred Vow

This vow is a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness. The husband and the wife both promise to stay loyal and devoted to each other until the last breath. All the other women and men would be secondary in the lives of the husband and wife respectively. They both will make each other a priority and stay committed to each other for life.


The Seventh Sacred Vow

The seventh and the final vow is about asking for blessings from Gods and Goddesses. The husband promises his wife to be his friend forever and provide her with happiness she always dreamt of. The wife asks the Lord to bless her husband with a long and healthy life. In the witness of God and Goddess, the groom and the bride accept each other as husband and wife.


Significance Of These Sacred Vows

These seven sacred vows are the base of marital relationships. They guide the husband and wife to prioritize each other over something or someone else. The sacred fire has the presence of 33 crore Gods and Goddesses of Hindu mythology. The two people who recite these sacred vows in the presence of sacred fire are united by the almighty and destined to spend their life together.