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Significance Of Solaah Shringaar

Solaah Shringaar refers to the 16 items that are worn by the bride after her wedding. It is compulsory for every bride to wear these ornaments. These items are of great significance and are the sign of a married woman. Plus, these ornaments helps the bride to look even prettier than usual. The girls often wear these on the day of her marriage.

Significance Of Solaah Shringaar

Every girl wants to look perfect before starting the new chapter of her life. These sixteen adornments have been listed in the Hindu scriptures as well.

Solaah Shringaar

1. Bindi: A girl is expected to wear a bindi after her marriage in between both the eyebrows. It can be in any colour but usually, red colour is preferred by most of the brides. The bindi is said to be a sign of luck and prosperity.

2. Sindoor: Sindoor is called vermillion in the English language. It is the red powder which the girl applies in between the middle partition of her hair. It is initially put by the groom during the wedding ceremony and gradually becomes a part of a bride’s daily shringaar. The sindoor depicts the happy marriage and long life of the husband.

3. Maang Teeka: A bride needs to wear a Maang Teeka on her wedding day as it is also an important part of the Solah Shringaar. It is a kind of hair jewellery that is worn on the partition of the bride’s head and covers the forehead also. It definitely adds up to her beauty.

4. Kajal: Kajal is something that a bride wears on her lower eyelids. It is said that the Kajal helps in keeping away the evil intentions and evil banes of people. It has also become a style statement in today’s world.

5. Nathani: Nathani is a facial ornament that is worn by the bride on her nose. There are different types of nath for different regions in India. It makes a bride look prettier. It is a traditional ornament that has to be worn as a part of solaah shringaar.

6. Necklace: Usually the brides wear a heavy necklace on the day of their wedding but then switch to the simple Mangalsutra. It is a very important part of the solaah shringaar. The groom ties the Mangalsutra in the neck of the bride. It is a symbol of unity and companionship.

7. Earrings: Earrings are also an important ornament that is worn by the brides in her ears. It is generally paired up with the necklace. It looks very beautiful on each and every girl.

8. Mehendi: Mehendi is a sign of a married woman and is considered to be an important part of a bride’s makeover. It is a paste of henna leaves that is applied on the hands and feet of the bride and then it has a coloured stain which keeps on getting darker day by day.

9. Bangles: Bangles or choodas are the ornaments that the bride wear in her wrists even after some time of the marriage. It is generally worn in red and green colours for the newly wed bride and is a symbol of prosperity and love.

10. Armlets: Armlets are known as Baajubands. These are worn on the arms and truly gives a beautiful look to the bridal attire. It can be made of gold, silver, diamond or can be teamed up with the set of necklace and earrings.

11. Haathphool: Haathphool is something that a bride wears on her hands which has rings for the fingers and a flowery design in the centre of the hand. It gives an additional look at the bride’s hands and makes them more exquisite.

12. Hair Adornments: Hair adornments are the hair accessories like gajra, beads, flowers which cover the hair of the bride and make it look more beautiful. Most of the brides use flowers as they give a refreshing and long-lasting fragrance.

13. Haathphool: Kamarband is a waist ornament that is tied around the waist. It gives a beautiful look to the saree and the overall bridal attire.

14. Toe Rings: Toe rings are also known as Bichhiye that are one of the must haves on the list of bride’s solaah shringaar. It depicts that the woman is married. These are worn on the second toe of each feet.

15. Scent: The bride is asked to wear a perfume with sweet frangrance. It is also one of the important element in the list of solaah shringaar.

16. The Attire: Last but not the least, the bridal dress is the most important among everything. The bridal dress has to be in colours like red, maroon, green, yellow, orange and pink. This is the only thing that will make the bride look splendid on her wedding day.

So, these were all the elements in the list of solaah shringaar.



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