Weddings, the union of two souls is now celebrated as the biggest festival of every family. With fun, cheer, and celebration all around, everyone wants to enjoy their time to the fullest. It is a special day not only for the bride and the groom but also for all the members of their family, their close friends, and relatives. After the date is finally fixed and you move on to preparations, there can be a lot of confusion. From the clothes to wear to the theme to choose, from functions you plan to the need for a wedding planner. This can lead to wrong decisions that can increase your expense for no good.


One such very important decision is your wedding decor. Indian weddings are now becoming larger than life with people wanting the most exclusive and beautiful elements. This increase in demand can cost a lot more than your budget and hence, you need to look after this part of expense very carefully. There are many ideas throughout the internet to have good decor within the budget. Along with the budget, there is the stress of putting your idea perfectly together. You might have a wonderful decor idea but it may turn out to be something extremely different. This can cause last-minute hustle, spoiling your mood.

So, it is advisable to not depend on something very out of the box. Thinking of something simple yet elegant is a good idea. Having an insight of simple but eye-catching Indian wedding decor ideas can be really helpful.

Simple but Eye-Catching Decor Ideas

Old Saris

Saris that are no longer used by the women of your family can turn out to be your beautiful decor. They can be used in various forms like mix-matching with different colors, tying on tree trunks, for backdrops, covering tables and chairs, and many other ways.


Most people have unused old lanterns at their place. They can turn out to be magical decor pieces with your theme lights, bulbs, and candles.

Selfie Point

A special corner can be decorated with a unique backdrop using flowers, lights, decor items for photographs. Few ceremonies also include a corner with decorated pots, rickshaws, umbrellas, and other items to provide a different area for special photography.

Unique Sitting Arrangement


Sitting arrangements made for guests can be done following a proper theme. It provides an eye-catching look with just a few simple changes. Like providing a rural setup or a traditional sitting arrangement according to your culture.

Mesmerizing Entrance

The entrance sets the right mood for the ceremony. Having a grand entrance with the best decoration is a simple way to attract everybody’s attention.

Handmade Chandeliers

Huge Chandeliers can be an overdo. But putting small handmade chandeliers made of flowers or lights can provide a unique look.

Nature Inspired Decor


Including nature in your decor ideas is a new trend these days. These days decor inspired by nature like decor by leaves, pampas grass, artificial grass, a corner depicting beauties of nature and other items, is unique and famous. This may include a few animal theme decor too like birds, butterflies, etc.


Along with fairy lights, bulbs provide a way to have simple yet eye-catching decor. Putting up bulbs according to the color theme all over the ceiling or the wall in different styles look pretty good.

Unused Jewelry

Unused bangles can be tied together, old jewelry items like parts of earrings, necklaces, etc. can be used for backdrop decoration or decor on tables.

Other Simple Decor Items


Simple decor items may include colorful frames, mirrors, pom poms, origami art on paper, colorful light balls, cages etc. These are simple items yet they bring a unique look to your ceremonies.