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Solo Performance on Wedding-10 Ideal Songs For Brides-to-Be

Sangeet is that ceremony which is filled with fun frolic and fervour. People dance and devour. It is a ceremony in which people express their happiness in the form of dancing. The best part is that it’s not just a few people, but everyone is dancing. Everyone is happy in the happiness of another.  Here are ten songs for the woman of the night, the bride-to-be, which are ideal for a solo performance on the wedding day and not just the sangeet.

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Best Songs For Solo Performance on Wedding

So let’s get dancing, shall we?

1) Nachde Ne Saare

This is an amazing family party song. It portrays togetherness, happiness and enthusiasm among all. The perfect song for a solo performance on wedding by the bride.

2) Ghani Bawri

“ Jo na karna tha kar gai, Yeh main Kithe jaake mar gai…” It’s peppy and it’s fun. This one is for the little mischief maker in the bride.

3) Banno Tera Swagger


“Banno tera Swagger… Laage sexy…” This catchy number, if executed gracefully, is sure to make a memorable dance performance.

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4) Yeh Ishq Haye

The lovey-dovey in the oh-so-smitten bride is the one for whom this songs perfectly fits. It’s the perfect collaboration of romantic and fun. Unlike most romantic songs, this is the one the bride can dance on with the floor all to herself.

5) Punjabi Wedding Song

Won’t the party be incomplete without the Punjabi Wedding Song! And who else would be the best for this number other than the bride herself?

6) Navrai Majhi

There can be no song better than this for the bride to dance on. It is a joyous, fun-filled, and to a level of emotional but will surely bring a smile on everyone’s face. Although it has simple lyrics and simple beats, it does not fail to entail all the beautiful emotions. It’s the “oh so happy to be a bride” song.

7) Chittiyan Kalayian

This song is everybody’s favourite since an eternity already. So dance it out, duh!

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8) London Thumkada

Another great number to dance on. It has awesome lyrics, awesome beats and too much fun!

9) Sau Asmano Ko

Simple and sweet and romantic, it perfectly fits the bride.

10) Girls Like to Swing

Its your wedding lady! You da boss and you gotta dance like one!



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