Something apart from red.

Gone are the days when marriage outfits used to be of the shades of red. Today the couples are trying their hands on the different colour combinations available. The shades of pink are the new trends when it comes to the bridal outfit, and for groom the concentration has shifted to the shades of cream, but why is the questions that most designers are looking the answer for – ‘Something apart from Red’

Not going Mainstream

Well with a no. of marriages happening every other day, the couples do make sure that theirs stand out from others, whether in terms of decoration, venue, catering and not to miss the outfit. Red has been in the limelight for years when it comes to the bridal outfit so the brides today don’t want that usual red lehenga. It also gives the designer a chance to try out their creativity as well, trying the same colour for years does stop something new from coming out.

Day’s Weddings.

Today the trend has shifted to an afternoon ceremony rather than a late-night ceremony. Going for dark shades of red would not do well in the sunlight. Now compare this with a shade of pink, mustard or cream the colours would definitely come out and these are the colours to go for at the afternoon ceremony. The bride is comfortable and the pictures also stand out.

Colour Preferences

Not every bride out there would have an obsession with red colour, it is their day and with the trend of customizing there own wedding, the brides today do also customize their wedding dresses. Whether it be blue, pink, cherry, or to go with the classic red the brides today choose their dresses according to their preferences and the venue decoration.

Following the celebrities.

Whether it be in India or abroad the celebrity marriages get the maximum coverage and do give bride goals to the brides to be. The latest trend in the b-town has shifted from the red dresses on the weddings and was quite visible in the marriage of Anushka Sharma – Virat Kohli, Neeti Mohan amongst others.

So these are the reason that we feel that the couples are shifting their focus on ‘Something apart from Red’