If you’re a bridesmaid then there are lots of expectations from you apart from having lots of responsibilities. When it comes to performing on sangeet, you need to have a suitable playlist. It gets difficult because there are hardly any songs for bridesmaids.

To save you from the hassle, we are listing a bunch of songs for bridesmaids along with their dance routines, using which you can perform on your best friend’s sangeet:

  • Tum Hi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi Ho

As you’ve been with your friends in every odds and mood swings, this song will be perfectly sum up your friendship. Therefore, hit the dance floor, and do not forget to point at your best friend during the chorus.

  • Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast

This song is the best way to tell your best friend that she is a crazy diamond. Pull your best friend to the dance floor and include her in the dance.

  • Proper Patola

This is the best song if your sister is the bride. Dance to the Punjabi beats and do not forget to take a black chunni.

  • Chadti Jawaani

This will take you and your girl gang down the nostalgia lane. You would have grown up listening to this song and the girls performing in the video. If you do not recreate the song on the dance floor, are you even giving your friend a perfect wedding gift?

  • Aankh Marey

You can depict the love story of the bride and groom using this song by adding a quirky twist. You can also include kids for ‘Hi Ho Ha’ parts.

  • Tareefan

It is another perfect bridesmaid song to show your best friend how wonderful she is. You and your girl gang will groove perfectly on this song.

  • Cutie Pie

Another song to let your best friend know that there ain’t no Punjabi chick like her and when she sits on her window, every guy wishes to see her on the verandah instead. You can pull your best friend to the dance floor and make her stand right in the center.

  • Laila Main Laila

If you would love to make an entry as the bridesmaid, this is the song for you. You can also show off your moves to let them boys know that bride’s girlfriend knows how to groove.

  • Drama Queen

If you’re planning to tell the groom what he has signed up for, this is the perfect song for you. You can also add some scenes from your past to show that your best friend is such a drama queen.

  • Ban Than Chali Bolo

This is the age-old song that suits perfectly for a bridesmaid. Plus, this song gives you the right number of beats for them thumkas. After all, these thumkas are responsible for setting the mood for the sangeet.

This is our list for songs for bridesmaids who are planning to burn the dance floor at their best friend’s wedding. If you have better suggestions, you can always let us know. You can also check out these evergreen Bollywood songs for the sangeet.