South India is one of the most underestimated places to organize destination weddings. All the couples prefer a beach wedding, the royal wedding in palaces but nobody thinks about hosting a wedding in a hill station. The hill station is full of tourists, scenery, hills, and a buzzing atmosphere. The hill stations are generally crowded but in the southern part of India, there are many underrated places that are peaceful and one can get married in a very serene environment. Here is a list of such hill stations to try out some peaceful places to get married.

Hill Stations In South India For Destination Wedding

1. Coonoor: Coonoor is located in Tamil Nadu just an hour away from Ooty. It is a beautiful yet peaceful place in South India. This place has tea gardens stretched to a very large extent. It is not known by many people but is surely a very delightful place. This place is rich in greenery and forests which makes it exceptionally beautiful.

2. Ananthagiri Hills: Ananthagiri hills are located in the state of Telangana. It is one of the most romantic places to organize a wedding as well as for a honeymoon. It is situated in Vikaraad of Ranga Reddy district. The weather over here is pleasant and it is rich in the natural environment. There is a hype of coffee plantations in Ananthagiri Hills.

3. Vagamon: Vagamon is known as “Scotland Of Asia”. It is located in the Idukki district of Kerala state of India. This place has scenic beauty with hills and valleys. The place is covered with pine forests and waterfalls. It is a peaceful place with many things to enjoy. The weather is cozy and romantic and that is what makes it one of the most relevant places to get hitched in an intimate wedding.

4. Devikulum: Devikulum is located again in the Idukki district of Kerala state of India. Devikulum has got its name because of the Sita Devi Lake which is the main attraction of this place. It is believed that Devi took a bath in this lake and since it has been called as the Sita Devi Lake. It is a very romantic hill station with scenic beauty and a peaceful environment. It is the perfect place to get away from the city noise and crowded life.

5. Munnar: Munnar is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Kerala state. It is rich in greenery, green meadows, hills, and valleys. It has a huge spread of tea plantations. The weather over here is romantic and cosy which makes it one of the best places to get married with your closed ones and relatives.

So, these were some extraordinary yet underrated hill stations of southern India where you can plan to get hitched with the presence of your close relatives and friends.