spend on my wedding flowers

Your wedding day is a celebration of a seal of love, the embarkation of a new journey with the love of your life. While some prefer less frill, many like to save and splurge for their big day. They go all-out on the wedding favors, decorations, and most especially, the flowers.

Flowers are ubiquitous in weddings and are just as important as the wedding dress is. They add color and texture to an otherwise bland decoration. However, flowers can cost a lot, especially when you buy the ones that aren’t in season.

In this article, learn how you cut down the cost and still manage to achieve a blooming occasion.

Simple and Pleasant versus Abundant

Less is more. Better use individual flower blooms instead of overdone, expensive variations. Carnations, calla lilies, orchids, or gladiolas are examples of beautiful flowers that pop out and highlight the ceremony just as well or even better than thick clusters in costly volumes of various selections can.

Make one piece (or up to three individual stems) stand out. There’s no need for large pieces that guests need to tilt to see what’s going on at the center. In fact, why not add candles, lanterns, and vases instead?

spend on my wedding flowers

Flowers of the Season

Flower selection for your wedding is less about the opulence, but more of making do with what’s already pleasing. In-season flowers and even high-quality silk flowers are a wonderful way to cut down on costs.

Off-season flowers are expensive. Moreover, if the climate is not right and the flowers you want won’t thrive from heat or cold (e.g., tulips and peonies), you better trust your florist to inform you of the best availability of flowers already there. You don’t want dead bouquets at the guest sheet table.

Also, silk flowers help you practice your resourcefulness and stretch the budget. The blooms look adorable enough just on the food display area. No need to draw expensive attention to all the areas of the event. Besides, people will be focusing on the bride, the groom, and yes, the food.

Fewer Centerpieces, More Scattered Sophistication

There’s no need to make flowers the absolute centerpiece of every table. It definitely cuts down the need to buy flower bulks for every last dining table or edge table.

Consider individual orchids tied with utensil cloths, and how about placing blossoms in clumps inside vases or cups with vibrant petals? Or scatter petals to surround pretty candles in the middle of the table.

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Another trick to make the flowers appear more eye-catching is to use a piece of fabric to match the wedding-theme colors under the arrangement. For example, there are petals in the middle of the table with the candle, so pair them with napkins of a similar shade. Now you’ve made the most of the little.

Based on a 2015 study, the average cost of wedding flowers is from $1,921 to $2,101. That’s too much if you’re planning to make it an affordable wedding. From elegant corsages, to bridesmaid bouquets, to boutonnieres, flowers for a grand occasion are going to hurt the budget, unless you plan with care.

Being resourceful and mindful of other alternatives to complement the matrimony is wise and a good sign that you can do well in your future family’s financial planning for the long run. What do you think down the aisle?