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Favorite winter makeup products of all time

It’s the season of edgy eyes and bold lips and with it comes a whole new variety of preferred winter makeup products. Just in case you’re an amateur like me and wondering what sorcery is going on here with different summer and winter makeup products, let me just fill you in on my research… First … read more

10 Bollywood Celebrities and Their Lesser Known Love Affairs

While we’ve always kept our eyes on our celebs 24×7, there are some things which miss our eye. So for the love of Bollywood and masala, we’ve dug out some ruins of past and are here to boost your B-town knowledge with 10 Bollywood celebrities and their lesser-known affairs.

Virat and Anushka: Everything you need to know about their love story

Even if you’re living under a rock, there’s no way you could have missed the constant updates of the rightly called ‘wedding of the year’. From the rumors to the wondering to finally witnessing the pictures as a proof of their secret wedding in Italy, Virat and Anushka are all over social media platforms with … read more

Resort Wedding Pictures

Stunning Resort Wedding Pictures Will Inspire You To Go For One

While weddings are surely about food, fun, and dance, the choice of a fabulous venue is one of the most significant challenges that one has to face while planning his/her big day.

Traditional ornament of a Bengali Bride

Best Jewellery For a Bengali Bride

Weddings not only bring with it a plentitude of grandeur and extravagance but also comes with an instruction manual of its own. Starting from the pre-wedding rituals to the post, it lists everything, what should be done, what should be given out, who should it be given out by and even lists the dress code … read more

Brides Of India: The South Indian Beauties

Most of us think about North Indian women when it comes to Indian brides beauty. Well, here we are here to present some charming yet simple South Indian Beauties.

Well, how can we ignore the South when it has given India the Miss World 1994- Aishwarya Rai, actresses like Shruti Haasan, Hema Malini, and Rekha-the evergreen beauty of Bollywood etc.

Bridal Makeup Looks

Best Bridal Makeup Looks Created by Renowned Celebrity Makeup Artists

Well, on a daily basis the makeup we use is much less as compared to our big day! Indian bridal makeup industry has many established makeup artists like Vidya Tikari, Ambika Pillai and many more, but today, we are going to focus on the Bridal Makeup Looks given by renowned celebrity makeup artists:

10 Best Diwali outfits in Bollywood to inspire your wedding shopping

The season of Diwali is gone but the bundle of some of the best Diwali outfits by our favorite celebs in Bollywood leave us with plenty of inspiration for this wedding season. Diwali, being the most celebrated Indian festival, is the perfect season to explore all sorts of fashion and inspiration mostly from our Bollywood … read more

Anushree Reddy Lehengas

The Best Of Anushree Reddy Lehengas

No Indian bride is complete without a mesmerizing outfit. The perfect lehenga that not only makes her look like a perfect bride but also the most beautiful girl in the world. Well, Anushree Reddy is one such designer whose sense of style is loved by one and all. Girls all over the globe wait to know what Anushree Reddy has in store for us.

Sabyasachi Red saree, Kim K in red saree, Shimmery red saree

Kim K baffles us with her Saree-wali girl looks!

Turning up the hotness quotient is Kim Kardashian’s cup of coffee. She gets us drooling over her “Oh!So Perfect” bod every time and we can’t even blame her. However, this time it is her Indian Avatar which is bound to make every heart skip a beat. She got the cover page all smothered with her … read more