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Makeup has become an important accessory today and as wonderful and fun it might look, deciding the perfect look for your wedding, or any wedding for that matter, has become a little confusing. There’s loads of  eye makeup looks for the wedding day to choose from but here are the 12 ones that would make you feel like a goddess on the big day:

1) Colourful trio

A very sophisticatedly done look, this brings out the colourful strokes of your lehenga. A classic red blended with black, and further lined by blue shadow makes this look absolutely gorgeous!

 eye makeup looks for the wedding day

2) Bright and shimmery

You can’t go wrong with the combination of golden and black, can ya? A soft smoky eye makeup at the ends with shimmer gold in the middle just shouts stunning all over.

 eye makeup looks for the wedding day


source: pinterest

3) Blended beauty

A soft, nude look steals the show, no two ways about it. Blend pink and brown till it makes the perfect soft look and there you go for the natural eye makeover way.

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4) Mixed shades

Bold and glamorous shimmer on the lid and subtle colour on the crease that goes with the colour of your outfit is another fabulous look that you can rock on your wedding day!

 eye makeup looks for the wedding day

5) The infamous black and white

Pull off a royal and a classy eye makeup look with this combination that never goes wrong in marking grace and can go with any outfit. Pair it with a bold liner and some intense eyelashes and you’re good to go!

6) Stunning smokey eye

Despite the ‘attention grabbing’ lehenga,  Bollywood fashion designer and celebrity Nishka Lulla’s  eye makeup looks for the wedding day had just as much attention going to her face as well. She rocked an intense smokey eye which pulled together the whole attire.

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7) Green fantasy

 A multicolour touch-red-gold-green- would look stunning topped by a thick layer of eyeliner as well as eyelashes. With eyes so colourful and intense, you can pair it up with a soft nude shade on the lips as well.

 eye makeup looks for the wedding day

8) Smudge smudge

A soft, smudged kohl on the waterline with a single colour shade on the eyelid can give a naturally beautiful eye look. To make it more of a bold statement, elongate the liner to make a little wing and top with false lashes.

 eye makeup looks for the wedding day

9) Another bold one

For the most attention-grabbing eye makeup looks for the wedding day, go for the bold look with a thick liner and a long wing, just as thick kohl on the lower lash line and fully done long brows. A brown or a strong nude shade would look gorgeous on the eyelid.

10) All natural

A soft shimmery nude shade on the lid, with a not-so-thick liner- is a charmer look for all occasions. You can pair it with either a rosy cheek, pink lips look for the natural yet elegant look or you can go ahead and put on the darkest shade of nude you have and bring on the sexy.

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11) Highlighter

Really bold falsies and a shimmering, highlighting shade for the eye shadow would look goddess-y when paired with a rosy red lip colour.

 eye makeup looks for the wedding day

12) The traditional way

You can even go the famous red shade and thick kohl way to get that perfect eye makeup looks for the wedding day. For more boldness in the look, line up the corner with a darker shade and pull the long wing game on.

 eye makeup looks for the wedding day

Tell us about your go-to eye makeup looks for the wedding day in the comments, thanks for reading! 


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