When two people tie the bond of forever love, it is a time to celebrate for the whole family. There are so many customs and rituals carried out in every caste and culture. These rituals are somewhat the same with a few additions as per the cultural beliefs. When it comes to a Punjabi wedding, these customs go hand in hand with fun, dance, food, and drinks. Punjabis are known for their fun-loving nature and cheerful aura. They are big-hearted people who believe in living each moment to the fullest. They want to spend as much as possible to make every ceremony a memorable one for each one who attends.

When it comes to the dressing and styling of a Punjabi bride, it is also a bit unique. There is lots of color, vibrant designs, and shining emeralds that make the perfect Punjabi bride. They are a combination of elegance and trending fashion. Most of these Punjabi beauties make a style statement with their long and voluminous beautiful hair. From the evergreen braided style to the heavy low and side buns, from the open flowing trend to the puffed and paranda style, Punjabi hairstyles are simply eye-catching.


Bridal Hairstyles constitute a major part of the look. It adds the extra glamour and shimmer along with elegance, completing the look. A good hairstyle can change the whole look and make it look heavier or lighter. There are many accessories available too which could be used with your braided or bun styles. Have a look at a few stunning Punjabi hairstyles for the perfect soni kudi Punjabi bridal look here.

Punjabi Bridal Hairstyles

Style up Tradition


A Punjabi bride has the perfect combo of being desi and classy. You can get that look by styling up the traditional paranda look with stylish braiding. It can include waterfall braids, loose braids, princess braids, or just a normal one with a colorful, small paranda with intricate design.

Let it Flow

The open hair look is loved by all. Let it flow freely, either by curling it a bit at the end or throughout. It is a perfect choice for the pre-wedding functions, where you want to keep it simple and classy. It gives a chance to experiment with a side or mid parting with the use of accessories. These accessories can include mang tikka or flowers on the side.

Cover the Bun


Buns are a forever favorite of brides. It helps to carry the heavy look conveniently along with giving a stylish look. With huge buns, it is also easier to use a lot of artificial hair accessories along with natural flowers. With the long and voluminous Punjabi hair, it can get even better.

These buns can include side buns, low buns, and the messy or fish twist buns along with the high up twisted buns.

Funky Ponytails

Ponytails can give a funky and young look to the traditional bridal wear. It gives a wide range to experiment with accessories and style. This can include twisted and loose ponytails, high up ponytails, or just simple low ties. With the choice of good hairbands, or hair ties, or flowers and sparkly accessories all over, it can give a perfect soni kudi look.

Puffy and Beautiful

Hair Puffs are a teen favorite. But when mixed with a high ponytail, a bun or braided hair, it can give a beautiful look. Puffs add volume to your hair and can change the whole look. With a simple ponytail, it can be a perfect choice for pre-wedding celebrations.

Hairdo Accessories


Any hairdo can be made special with the use of good and apt accessories. Use of flowers, natural or artificial wrapped all through the braided or loose and twisted ponytails or like a hairband adds vibrancy and color to the look. There are beautiful, glimmering parandas available along with tiaras, shiny bun clips, or tick-tock pins. There are artificial hair add-ons with intricate work and design too. You have to make a choice based on your traditional outfit, the color combination, your face-cut, and the theme of the wedding.

So, go on and select the one that suits you the best!