Kurtis are a blessing in every Indian woman’s life- whether you’re a student or a professional. They are an epitome of comfort, convenient styling, and effortless beauty. Whether you go ahead with an Indo-western idea by pairing them up with jeans or simply the traditional salvar and kameez, it is always a great option sitting there in your wardrobe. But there are n number of ways you can style your kurtis, whether it’s a small gathering you have to attend or a fancy function. Let’s browse through different ways you can style kurtis:

7 different ways to style Kurtis

1) Kurti and ripped denims

If you’re looking for a fashionably modern touch, just go ahead and pick out your favorite pair of ripped jeans (If you don’t own one, just cut out those old jeans that have been sitting in your wardrobe forever) and pair them with, preferably, a collared kurti, for an extra touch of street style. You can complete the look with an open clutch, sunglasses and depending on the occasion and how fancy you’re feeling on a scale of 1-10: 1 for plain white sneakers, 5 for fancy kolhapuris, and 10 for some nude heels! All are great options.

Style kurtis

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2) Kurti and Palazzos

Feeling a little edgy and effortless look? Pair some flared kurti with palazzos topped with jhumkas and heels. Palazzos are a great option for convenient styling and an excellent pick for an easy-breezy summer. It’s definitely a must-own piece of clothing in every girl’s wardrobe because of its potential to be paired up with a variety of things like crop tops or kurtis.

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3) Kurti with Shorts

If you’re one of those people who don’t have enough time in the morning to figure out all the mess of ‘What goes with what’ fiasco, worry not, rush out to college with this stylish and bold look! From a low to mid length kurti, shorts are a refreshing option to go along with kurtis. Sport some white sneakers if you don’t want to be dressy much. Othewise, heels would look just fine if you’re heading to somewhere a bit fancier.

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4) Kurti and mom jeans

A big thanks to whoever brought this heavenly trend of mom or boyfriend jeans to the fashion streets. Loose and straight jeans have my heart and why not? The level of comfort and chic combined is crazy. Head out with this super chic combo of cool mom jeans and kurti and the best part? You don’t have t go over-the-top with accessories since this is a look that works best if at minimal.

5) Kurtis with long skirt

Feeling all the love for a sheer traditional look? Long skirts are a fun way to add charm and grace to the whole look, whether worn with a kurti or even a crop top. Try out different sized kurtis and see what’s working best with that skirt. Top the look with some jhumkas (Don’t you think kurtis and jhumkas are a match made in heaven? Just so alluring) and kolapuris and voila! You can never go wrong with this easy-peasy combo.

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6) Only the show stealer

These days, the trend is high on the single charming kurti, be it off-shoulder or long-sleeved. You can get a vast variety: From mono colored kurtis to bohemian styles to even a short and collared kurti. Keeping aside the fashion aspect, it is so convenient for those in a rush in the mornings; just pick out the kurti and top off the looks with the good old kolapuris and jhumkas. This sure is one my favorite ways to style kurtis since there is no need to stress on pairing up.

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7) Good old leggings

If nothing suits your sense of style, just this plain old combination of skin tight leggings and a kurti would never do you wrong. Fashionable, convenient and just beautiful!

Style kurtis

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These were 7 ways out of many more of how you can style kurtis. It’s all about experimenting with you wardrobe and coming out with different and fun options. What’s your favorite way to style kurtis? Leave a comment!




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