Stylish Mehendi Designs

Just over a decade ago, most of the Indian brides preferred traditional intricate patterns of henna that comprised of fine lines. However, the latest trends in mehendi designs have completely evolved and Arabic mehendi designs and have become quite popular in the country.

Stylish Mehendi Designs For the Wedding Day Just Got Better

Stylish Mehendi Designs for the Perfect Wedding Day

As the name suggests, Arabic mehndi designs have been adopted from Arabian countries and these designs have now become popular in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. These designs are not just about the regular lines and patterns rather they hold a combination of motifs and different shapes and designs. These designs bring out the best medium of cultural fusion and happiness.

Stylish Mehendi Designs

Go Creative With the Mehendi Designs

The application of Arabic mehendi is almost the same as traditional henna but their patterns are generally bigger as compared to our traditional patterns and consist of floral patterns, curved lines and paisleys along with a unique shading technique. Humans and animals are not used in these patterns. Moreover, in these greater part of the skin is revealed through patterns. As the lines are thicker, the colour is darker and lasts longer as compared to the traditional one.


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Use Gems, Glitters and Coloured Patches in Your Mehendi Designs

A recent trend that has become popular is the use of glitter, gems and coloured patches in combination with the Arabian designs. This makes the design look, even more, breathtaking. The coloured glitters are generally selected to match with the colour of the bridal outfit.

Stylish Mehendi Designs

Tips For Getting the Perfect and Stylish Mehendi Designs

The following tips will help every bride to get the perfect colour of henna on her wedding day.

1. Henna should be applied two days prior to your wedding day.

2. Hair removal must be done at least a day prior to the application of henna. Otherwise, henna can be waxed off along with hair.

3. Manicure and pedicure should also be done before the application of henna because once henna has been applied, contact with water should be avoided as far as possible.

4. As soon the henna paste starts to dry on your hands and feet, dab it with cotton wool dipped in a mixture of lemon juice and sugar.

This will help to hold the henna paste in its place and further help to enhance the darkness of the maroon colour.

Stylish Mehendi Designs

Source: Phototantra

What makes Arabic mehendi designs unique, is that it has flowers and veils drawn diagonally across the palms till the arms and you know what the best part it? Even if most of the patterns are repetitive, it will not look bad in this type of mehendi.

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