suitable cuisines

Food in Indian weddings is as important as the wedding rituals. You cannot imagine an Indian wedding without a huge platter of choicest dishes and cuisines. The food menu cannot do with just the Indian food, which is an integral part of the weddings. Including suitable cuisines from all over the world and continents is a rage now.

What’s food will be served at the weddings becomes a source of entertainment and anticipation for the guests. While variety matters, you must keep in the mind the Indian taste and liking as well. Not all cuisines are devoured by Indians.

Best suitable cuisines you can select from for your wedding:

Italian Cuisine

suitable cuisines

We Indians are a fan of anything Italian, especially Italian food. Pizzas and pasta have held the imagination of the Indian population for a long time now. Include a pasta corner in your wedding and it will make everyone’s taste buds drooling. You can include different varieties of pasta in the menu. You can also give your guests the option to gorge on mini pizzaz, and give them the freedom to pick the topping of their choice to be added to it. Italian food is surely one of the most suitable cuisines to be served at an Indian wedding! 

Chinese Cuisine

suitable cuisines

Your wedding will be incomplete without adding a dose of Chinese cuisine to it. Our ever-growing love for chowmein, chili chicken, and chili potato seems to be never-ending. Add more exciting Chinese dishes such as Red Pepper Prawn or Cantonese noodles to the set of cuisines, and you will end up having super happy guests enjoying your wedding day to the fullest.

Lebanese Cuisine

suitable cuisines

Now a day’s people are experimenting with their taste buds, and Lebanese cuisine is winning the heart of all! Tasty, spicy, cheesy rolls and dishes are a trademark of Lebanese cuisine. The smell of Shawarma dipped in butter, mouth-watering kebabs, spicy vegetarian rolls, these are a must have at your wedding. You can try out different types of kebabs, such as Kay kebab or Chello Kebab. You can also add Lebanese sweet dishes, such as Baklava to the menu.

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Mexican Cuisine

suitable cuisines

Won’t your guests just love it if you add nachos and shrimps to your wedding menu? Many of the Mexican cuisines including the ever famous Quesadilla have the favorite ingredient of Indians i.e Rajma, here adding it to your wedding feast menu will get your brownie points at winning the heart of your guests.

Thai Cuisine

suitable cuisines

Make your guests remember your wedding and talk about the great food long after the day is over with spicy, hot, mouth-watering Thai cuisine. Massaman lamb curry, hot and spicy fish soup, tasty Kaeng som, will make your guests fall in love with everything Thai.

Middle-East Cuisine

suitable cuisines

Middle-East Cuisines need a separate venue for themselves. These exotic dishes include the soft, small balls of kofta. Shish tawook , Dolma and other such dishes and are a delight for all non-vegetarian lovers.There is plenty for vegetarian too in the Middle-East cuisine and it will be a delight for all your guest’s taste buds to savor on dishes from the Middle-East.

Food happens to be one of the main attractions for the guests for any of the functions held in India. And when we are talking about weddings, the expectations get much higher. So, don’t let your guests down and surprise them with some mouth-watering cuisines from around the world!



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