Sometimes, more than weddings, couples tend to remember the way they were asked to get married by their significant other. Most women dream their romantic proposal to be in Paris, the City of Love and the others go out on a limb to ask their men for marriage. Wedding Proposals are extremely dear to the couple’s hearts. 

Proposals are extremely romantic and sweet. They also mark a significant date in a couple’s life. They are considered to be an important stepping stone in the journey of marriage.

Traditionally, in earlier times, the groom had to ask permission from the bride’s father for her hand in marriage. Now, as the times have changed, doing so is considered as a sweet gesture. Modern ways of proposals have come out, and not just wedding proposals but also the “promposals” as the teenagers like to call them. A promposal, if you don’t know is a way of asking a person you like out, for the high school gala- prom.

With one proposal topping the other and an array of list of “how to propose your significant other?” questions, we have brought some of the sweetest wedding proposals that you can think of by the most ordinary couples. Here are some of their stories:

  • Gabriel Conte and Jess Bauer

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Gabriel Conte is an American who was a Viner and a YouTuber. Jess Bauer, now Conte is an Australian YouTuber who met Gabriel through sliding into his DMs. She asked him about churches nearby as she was visiting his town, so he offered to take her along. After that day, Jess went and told her mother that he is the one she would marry, “I’m going to marry this boy,” she told her mother.

Soon after that, Gabriel took her out on a date at a gorgeous beachside setting, where he finally proposed. It was the faith that they both have in Jesus that brought them together.

  • Emily & Chris

“Emily was hosting an improv show at the summer camp where she was working. It was when Chris decided to make a surprise appearance. With the help of another employee, he made his grand entrance to one of Emily’s favorite songs: “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé.

In front of about 300 middle school kids, Chris presented her with a ring box he made with pages from “The Unbreakable Vow” chapter in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.”

  • Emily & Ambrose

“On a late summer day, Emily and Ambrose decided to go for a hike near their home. As they stood atop the mountain looking down on their farmhouse in the valley, Ambrose said, “We live a good life, don’t we?”. Following Emily’s affirmation, he pulled out his grandmother’s ring and asked, “Do you want to do it forever?””

  • Asa & Roy

“After meeting in Stockholm, Asa and Roy spent the next year talking for hours on the phone. This was due to the distance between Sweden and Nashville, where Roy lived. When Roy visited Sweden again the following summer, Asa agreed to come back and visit Nashville with him. Six months later, Roy asked Asa to join him in Nashville. “He has a way of making everything sound so easy, but I knew it was a big decision that needed to be thought through,” she says. “Roy asked how many times he’d need to ask me, and I figured five was a good number.” So ask five times he did, and in March of 2015, she packed her bags.

Asking five times became a tradition for the couple, and that’s how Roy decided to propose. First, he asked on a beautiful summer night in Stockholm. He said that he didn’t have a ring “because he wasn’t quite done proposing yet.” The second time was in Cannes. It was during dinner on a pier beneath a fireworks show. The third was in the Stockholm Park where the couple first met, with Roy on his knees in the snow. The fourth was in the hospital, moments after Asa gave birth to their son, Roy. The fifth time—the one that truly stuck—was with a yellow diamond Tiffany ring in their Nashville home.”