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Ideas For A Magical Harry Potter Themed Wedding

If you happen to be a Potterhead then there is no denying that at some point or the other you have considered a Harry Potter-themed wedding. A lot of you may have dismissed the idea because it felt too far fetched and complicated. While there is no denying that this is not the easiest to bring in effect, it is not that hard either.

harry potter themed wedding

A Very Harry Potter Themed Wedding!

It’s the 20th anniversary of the much loved Harry Potter book series. Most of us 90’s kids grew up with the adorable boy wizard and dreamt of being transported to the magical world he inhabited. Are you a bride or groom to be, who has grown up but refused to outgrow Harry Potter? Then why … read more

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How to Prepare For a Colour Themed Wedding?

Planning a wedding can be cumbersome sometimes. With so much on mind, it gets difficult to choose one from the other. Even when we adhere to something, there is so much confusion that we end up missing out on something or the other. More of it happens when you are planning the wedding venue arrangements. … read more