bridal diet

As exciting as it may be, the time of preparation for a wedding can be very stressful and chaotic. Apart from arranging for the dream wedding, a bride also wants to look her best for the day. But with such hectic schedules, it gets difficult to eat right and achieve the desired shape for the big day. So we got you covered with all the dos and don’ts for the bridal diet that’ll keep you healthy and fit.

The Bridal Diet

the bridal diet

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The Do’s

Drink Plenty of Water and Consume Fruits and Veggies

The more water you consume, the better it is for your body, so have at least 1 ½ – 2 litres of water throughout the day.

Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is the first and foremost step to shedding weight and getting a lean figure for your wedding.

Increase Consumption of Lean Protein

Protein intake helps in increasing metabolism and giving a lot of energy. This also leads to leaner muscles and helps in suppressing hunger for longer durations. Have a diet consisting of products such as eggs, chicken, fish, sunflower seeds, cottage cheese, parmesan, soya milk, tofu etc.

Eat Healthy Fats

These are the fats that your body requires and should be an essential part of your diet to achieve that perfect look. These include oily fish, butter, olive oil among others.

Focus on Little and More

Having 5 small meals instead of 3 large ones throughout the day will keep you healthier and fit. This regulates sugar flow in the body, and you feel active and fresh.

bridal diet

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The Don’ts

No Processed Food (everything that is packed and canned need to be avoided)

Canned and processed foods should be a no-go if you want to shed the flab. The fats in these kinds of foods generally end up being stored in the body and will allow you to gain weight instead of losing it.

Say No to Foods With Added Sugar, Sweetened or Artificially Sweetened Beverages

Sugar leads to a number of diseases and doesn’t provide with the nutrients required by your body. Such drinks aren’t healthy for you if your goal is to get a perfect fit in your dress.

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No Starchy Carbohydrates Like White Bread or White Rice

Even though carbs are a requirement of your body, the key is to go for unrefined or complex carbs such as brown rice, sweet potato, wheat or multigrain bread. These release less sugar in your body, hence are healthier to consume

Restrict or Limit Alcohol (less than 7 servings per week)

Alcohol is known to enhance appetite, so its consumption will make you feel hungry and force you to binge eat anything you get your hands on. Since there will be alcohol as you celebrate your big day, limit it before the wedding so you can stick to your diet plan.

Avoid Calories

Skipping away from calories should be the most important part of your diet. Keep a food journal to ensure the consumption of the right amount of food and nutrients.

Tips For Adhering to the Bridal Diet

Keep it crisp! This is a short-term fix so there’s no need to go all fancy with complicated recipes and new spices. Nutrition Expert Devina Bangotra from Dietician For Health suggests making your diet healthier through effective changes like eating eggs, egg whites or low-fat dairy for breakfast, grabbing carrots, bananas, apples or berries for snacks and including lean protein like grilled chicken breasts for dinner.

You can also attend to your sweet-tooth craving by going for dark chocolate. Dark chocolates are nutritious, a powerful source of antioxidants, and improves brain functioning.

Follow mindful eating. You really don’t have to count calories if you are following a clean eating plan. So if you have the bridal diet planned, it is easy to lose weight.