The wedding shenanigans began with the auspicious celebration of the Haldi ceremony. The ceremony is considered to be an important part of the wedding. The Hindu wedding is incomplete without this ceremony.  It has been going on and on since we can trace back. The way a wedding is performed is different for every state, but the Haldi ceremony stays common. There are different ways in which this Haldi Uptan is made. But have you ever wondered the reason behind the wedding can’t be started without performing the Haldi ceremony?

The Significance of Haldi Ceremony

There are several speculations around the Haldi ceremony going on the internet. So here are a few reasons why it holds a vital place in weddings:


The traditional story behind Haldi Ceremony

According to Hindu mythology, the Uptan or the paste which is used for the Haldi ceremony is said to be a blessing of Goddess Parvati. It is believed that Goddess Parvati created Lord Ganesh. He is responsible for wellbeing and happiness is created from the Uptan made up of sandalwood, turmeric, and rose water. Therefore, starting the wedding celebration with the goodness of Uptan is considered a blessing from Goddess Parvati for happy and successful married life.


The myths around Haldi ceremony

There are various myths which are associated with the Haldi ceremony. Amongst those myths, the Haldi ceremony is performed before the wedding to avoid all the wedding jitters. Everyone who is attending the wedding will have their eyes on the bride and groom.  To prevent them from evil eye people consider it necessary to perform the ceremony. It is also considered that Haldi or turmeric is a sign of wealth and prosperity. Since turmeric is in yellow it is considered as fortunate.

The scientific reason behind using Turmeric in Haldi Ceremony

Stories and myths are going on for years. But there are some proven scientific reasons which makes it  much more than just being auspicious.


The glow that makes you shine

The paste which is used in the ceremony is made from turmeric which is also called Haldi in the Hindi language. In the rush of the wedding, there is a high chance of stress. This results in inflammation in the skin that leads to the fading of natural glow. Turmeric has an element known as curcumin which is known to fight inflammation. So, the Haldi Uptan is applied on the hands, neck, legs, and face of the bride and groom. This makes their skin shine like the light of the full moon.

Goodbye to the scars

Turmeric is considered as a medical species since the birth of Ayurveda. Because of its exceptional properties, it helps in the healing of scars. Therefore, it helps the bride and the groom to cure the scars of the past. So that they can enjoy their beautiful present which is the first step of their bright future.

Relaxes the body, mind, and soul

Turmeric originates from the family of ginger that grows in the tropical regions. The species is a combination of antioxidants and goodness. This helps in soothing the skin when applied. The aroma of sandalwood and rose water along with the richness of turmeric relaxes the body from all the wedding stress. It also calms the mind so that you can focus on all the fun.


The Haldi ceremony is associated with mythology for a very long time. It is also loved for having numerous benefits. But more importantly, it is an announcement of the union of two people who love each other unconditionally. It is the starting mark of the journey full of happiness and laughter. It is all about having fun and enjoying yourself with your loved ones. In this modern times along with holding its true purpose, it has also become a celebration of colors. You might believe in mythology or science, but organizing the Haldi ceremony will definitely profit you.