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The Significance Of The Seven Phere (Saptapadi)

Indian weddings are full of fun , enjoyment, dancing, music and most importantly rituals. Rituals are very important part of an Indian wedding procession. They are considered to be pious and blissful. This procession engages all the ancient rituals and the involvement of the blessings from the elderly people. Rituals are created by our ancestors and have a scientific reason behind their emergence.

One such ritual is of the seven pheras or popularly known as “Saptapadi” . In this ritual, the bride and the groom are tied with a long piece of cloth. They have to take seven rounds around the “havankunda” while holding each other’s hands. There is a reason for every phera and every phera is considered to be significantly different from each other phera.

All the seven pheras are a promise made by the bride and the groom to each other.

Significance Of The Pheras:

The phera and their respective significance are a must-knows:

Phera 1

In the first phera, the bride and the groom pray to god to make them able to lead a noble and respected life. They pray the god to provide them with proper food and plenty of happiness for their entire life. They pray the God provide everything and that the couple may not face any scarcity in their life.

Phera 2

In the second phera, the couple asks God to bless them with health and mental peace. They pray to God for a healthy and nourishing life for themselves as well as for their partners. They believe that they should have a peaceful mentality in order to lead a peaceful life with each other.

Phera 3

In the third phera, the couple prays the God to give them enough wealth in order to lead a respectable and content life with each other. They also pray God to bless them with the strength to be there for each other in good as well as bad times.

Phera 4

In the fourth phera, the couple prays God to bless them with the ability to love each other and their respective families, even more, the next day. They pray that their love should never get over for each other and continue to make their lives even better.

Phera 5

In the fifth phera, the bride and the groom ask for noble, kind, and heroic children. The couple expects a boon for beautiful children who may be the support for the couple in their future life.

Phera 6

In the sixth phera, the couple prays for the strength to be with each other till the last breath. They promise each other to support each other in every aspect of life. They promise to stay with each other in all the seasons of life.

Phera 7

In the last and the seventh phera, the couple prays God for blessing them with the qualities like understanding, maturity, and companionship. They pray that their married life should continue with unity and harmony. The couple promises each other to be loyal and understanding towards each other and follow the path of this marriage with a sense of togetherness, peace, and love.

So, this was the significance of each of the promises made during the pheras. In this way, the couple comes closer and is bound to follow these promises.



Tanvi Shaligram

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