Well, wedding is not just about brides and their breathtaking looks! We all love grooms as well! Yes, that’s true that we all are little bit obsessed with brides but don’t worry we are here to provide the Ultimate Groom Accessory Checklist!

In India, marriage is not just between the bride and the groom it is also between two families, two cultures, and the two societies. So, backing out is not an option but do you realize amidst all these jitters and having cold feet you might not only miss out on enjoying your wedding but also you might just forget some or the other accessory that you had planned to wear on that day. You might also forget one of the important accessories that you must wear for the wedding. Like amidst all the jitters one of my friends had forgotten to carry the sehera while leaving the house.

So, here is a groom accessory checklist that you might want to keep with you while getting ready. These are such things that would make you look perfect on your special day.

The Ultimate Groom Accessory Checklist:

  1. Pagdi or Turban:

Marriages in Hindu religion mandate the groom to wear a turban during all the rituals. Today there are more than hundred types of turbans that have various designs, colors and stones. The turban should be matching with the color of the dhoti or pajama the groom wears.


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For elegance and royalty, turban embedded with semi-precious stones are the best. But it should be noted that if the outfit is extra dressy then the turban should be selected in such a way that it brings some subtleness to the overall look and vice versa.


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2. Neckpiece:

Neckpieces are now totally as the groom accessories. It is more of a style statement and is generally gifted by the bride’s family during one of the pre-wedding ceremonies.



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Usually, a neckpiece of pearls is worn by the groom, of a single thread or three threads. Now, it’s time for the grooms to add royal touch at their D-day!


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3. Jutti or shoes:





This is one of the most important accessories since the bride’s family would have one eye on those juttis (for the joota chhupayi ceremony). To create a good impression on them, the jutti should be of a good quality and usually in a shade that matches the color of the outfit.


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4. Cufflinks:

It is essential to choose the right pair of cufflinks that suits the wedding outfit. Cufflinks of semi-precious stones and diamond add elegance and style to the dress. The cufflinks should not be too gaudy rather it should enhance the overall beauty of the outfit!

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You can also choose a cufflink  with your initials written on it. Customized things are the best . Everyone will love it  and leave people awestruck. Isn’t it good to be different?


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5. Watch in Groom Accessory Checklist :


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A gentleman never forgets to wear his watch. A classic, a vintage watch is the best for the wedding ceremony. At times, the groom prefers to wear the watch worn by his father during his wedding to add an emotional touch to the wedding. Wearing a good watch is an addition to the wedding look that makes you stand out.


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6. Drape or Shawl:

A long drape is usually worn along with a sherwani. Such types of drapes were worn by the emperors of the Mughal dynasty. The color of the drape is usually contrasting to the color of the sherwani. The drape can be either draped around the neck or worn on one shoulder that wraps around the other hand, going via the waist. This again signifies royalty.


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7. Brooches for grooms

Consider adding a brooches to your outfit to set a style statement for yourself and stand out in the crowd. One can pair it with an Indo-western outfit for an elegant and classy look. There are numerous designs , make sure you choose one that goes best with your outfit.

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Hey wait !! We have something amazing for groom’s gang as well. So what say boys, are you ready to rock your friend’s wedding?



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Apart from the ones mentioned, it is important that the smile and the sophistication will complement the groom’s look! And let your bride fall-in love with you again!