Since the first day of college Vipul liked her, but Ishita never noticed him, after all, she was the hottest girl in the college and Vipul was just an ordinary geek, always surrounded by books, but no one knew or thought that even a guy like him can feel, So deeply and intensely for a girl who was totally out of her league.

As it’s truly said,

“You have no control with whom you fall in love with”

Something similar was happening to Vipul, a boy who once only dreamt of getting scholarships, better grades, notes  was now getting more concerned about his looks, the brand tags on clothes, the shades he should put on, the shoes he should wear but still  efforts all went in vain, he was never noticed, neither ever gathered the strength to tell her that how intensely he loved her and how much he wanted  her, in his life, his attempts were never acknowledged and she was unaware, for her he was just a cute, studious silent boy, who always helped her in studies.

rose is the symbol of never ending love and the beauty in it

Some bond are eternal”

Time flew at the rocket speed, it was the farewell party, and first time they both were face to face at any such occasion, she was looking stunning in her red-blue saree, with a perfect makeup and curves on her body as if she was born to be fallen in love with, while he tried hard to match her up but at core he knew his looks can never get him a girl like her, and it was the last time he had the chance to express his feelings, and this time he had made up his mind and gathered the strength to express himself, although a part of his heart was telling him that she deserves someone better, after all, she was simply another definition of perfection and he was no match for her, but his soul knew that his love alone was enough for both of them for this life and the life to come and he was going to take his chances, till now he had walked like a shadow by her,never noticed and caring and helping her unnoticed like a guardian angel, fearing that if he’ll walk out in light he will lose his identity.

But this day was different, it was the last chance he had, Vipul slowly walked towards Ishita, she was busy with her friends warming up her college memories, he approached her from behind and touched her shoulder,”Excuse, me, can we talk for a while”.

Ishita turned towards him amazed because she never thought that the shy guy would ever want to talk to her.

“Yeah! Say, you have my attention “Ishita said.

“Can we go out somewhere it’s really loud in here and a bit crowded “Vipul replied.

She was reluctant but still, “sure let’s go to the lawn area, it’s quieter there”.

They both were in lawn and there was a silence for few seconds both of them were reluctant to start the conversation.

Finally, the shy, studious guy went on his knees and drew a red rose from his coat and said,”can we be together for this life and the life ever after to come”there was a strange silence in the air for some while, the guy has played his part in the most crucial and decisive battle of his life and now it was her call.

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