Vipul was at peace finally, he has spoken his heart out, the words which were buried deep within his heart for years, the dilemma he has been living in for years, of which each day passed like a decade,  were finally on his lips, “I Love You”, he proposed her, on his knees with “The Red Rose” in his  Hand, as if he has been practicing for his entire life to just live this single moment and only a yes from the mouth of the puzzled girl standing in front of him will define him for lifetime, in this very moment, no one was around only a pair of eyes were the audience of this spectacular moment and “For those pair of eyes the world has already seized to exist, and this moment was the perfect answer to the question everyone asks “what is love?!! ”


 Ishita was a bit puzzled and surprised by the turn her life has suddenly taken. It was clearly visible on his face, her smiling, beautiful face with mischievous looks turned pale and serious, she froze at her place, although she took the rose from his hand.

 “What, how can you?”, it’s all she could say.

There was a clear and intense tension in the air for a while, clearly visible on the faces of both,

Vipul murmured, “I really love you and will stand by your side forever”.


After a moment of silence Ishita replied, “Love, not again, never ever again, one love, one heartbreak was enough for me, no more blind trusting a guy”.

“You are a really nice and decent guy, and you deserve someone better than me, I have made mistakes in past and I will keep on making them, will make your life hell eventually”, she added. Vipul asked with moistened eyes,” when I just want you in my life, how can it even matter that I deserve someone else, I have loved you, and only you from the day I saw you, I just deserve whatever I love, and just speak up whatever is in your mind, this strangeness is killing me”

Ishita was at this point again where she has to choose, traces of old memories were flashing in front of her eyes,

‘’She knew the eyes which were seeking answers in her just one nod of agreement were true, this guy really loved her, and the pain he was going through was immortal, she knew it all, a part of her wanted to fall free without any insecurities and expectations into his arms and cry her heart out, but she was holding herself she didn’t want to be weak once again, it was the same love which has killed her in past and the memories have been killing her ever since, no one ever knew the pain she was carrying behind her innocent face and beautiful smile.’’

She wasn’t clear about what she actually wanted, a part of her wanted this guy to whom she was the world, who lost his own identity for her happiness, but she did not want the love, she was not afraid to choose, she was just afraid of the feeling of love, and she had made up her mind.

She looked towards Vipul with tears in her eyes but with a strict tone, “I respect your feelings, but I don’t want to be in love and there is no point you can convince me, if you don’t want to lose me even as a friend, better watch your steps.”

Vipul was shattered into pieces as if someone has ripped his heart out and that will never heal, he just looked into her beautiful eyes that he has speculated for years now, and this time seeing the tears he knew her eyes were not supporting her words. By this time he got the idea that there is a part of the story he had no idea about.

He was not sure about anything but he knew that he was going to find it all out and eventually fulfill his destiny.

“This is not the end of my story, of our story and the rose which you are still holding in your hand and the tears in your eyes are a live proof of it”. Saying this Vipul left the party.


Leaving the girl behind in tears with the rose still in her hand, in search of his salvation and live the destiny he has chosen for himself, to prove the girl he loved that she can love again, she can be his heartthrob, and that she can choose again……!!!