After Vipul left, she stood there long weeping, cursing her fate, as if waiting for someone to return and comfort her, so she can cry her heart out leaning on the shoulder she can trust, still gripping the rose tightly in her hand, as if that “beauty with splinters” was consoling her and easing her shattered soul, in pain.

She too left the chocolate day  party early and walked straight home, drawn and haunted by strange vibes of loneliness.

“No one understands me, no one ever will, It’s my journey and I will have to walk it all alone”.

 She consoled herself.

After reaching home, she went straight into her room, cuddled up on her favourite chair, pondering, and slowly sank into the memories of her hideous, but sweet past!!!

Stressed Ishita

Those were the initial days of her college and like any other fresher, Ishita too was full of thrill and excitement, for the surprises this phase of her life has yet to unfold.

“That was the time she was actually alive, free from the complications of life, bubbled with the zest to live more, to explore more”

This was the time she met Kartik for the first time,

One year senior to her from the same college, a smart, tall and confident guy, enough to string the chords of love in the heart of any girl.

Who rescued her from the seniors who were trying to rag her, from the first day she developed a soft corner for that guy who was her saviour and with the time their meetings grew, she could not recall how it all happened but she could still remember the thrill of his  touch, the feeling of accomplishment when he proposed her, the passion and the heat of her first kiss, all those moments were so fairy, a perfect love story, still the wounds of her past were deeper than any of these momentary deflections.

Everything was fine.He was the man of her dreams, and she was proud of him, “But for him, she was just an accomplishment and to her, he meant the world”.

Ishita remembering her past on chocolate day

With time he changed, his interest in her shallowed, he traversed the journey from a perfect lover to a careless stranger in no time, Ishita was aware of his transformation but her love and trust blinded her, she never thought even in her dreams that one day the “man of her dream” will walk away from her life, so easily, forever, without any reasons in spite of her unconditional love and care, bringing chocolate on chocolate day.

Finally, with the end of the college life of Kartik, their love story also came to an end.

She could never forget his last sight and the struggle she went through, trying  to win him back, countless number of calls she made, messages she dropped, none were acknowledged, last she heard of him from common friends was that he is with someone else and happy as if nothing ever happened, like she never existed in his life.

She wanted to hate him for this, curse him for what he did to her, but she can’t because she loved him and she was true to him”.

From that day she continued to live in the shades of her dark past.

“With a smile on her face, to deceive the world, and deep within setting her heart on an eternal fire, totally shattered, incomplete and alone”.

She knew exactly the condition of Vipul, after all, she has lived the similar pain of separation for years, and she knew how it felt to love someone unconditionally and not to be loved back with same passion.

Unknowingly she was thinking about the guy, who proposed her,

“At this point, her mind and her heart were in a looping battle of facts and feelings”

And at this point, she was clueless what course this intense struggle will lead her to….

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