Ishita was fighting her own battle, meanwhile ; Vipul was also falling in the mist of despair and uncertainty.It really didn’t seem like a teddy day they dreamed off.


“Both of them were justified in their shoes, but together they both were catastrophic to each other”

Weeks passed they both were consumed in their own worlds, introspective.

Ishita was trying to figure out which life she should choose, continue to live in the past or fall for the guy to whom she meant the world.

Vipul knew he cannot lose her, but her happiness was more important to him, even more than his love for the girl, so he catacombs himself in the shades of silence, but with a silent promise to return to steal his girl from her fate of sufferings.

“He wanted to be selfish for one time in his life, he wanted to be happy and his survival lied in her happiness”

He knew well “some wounds are deep, really deep but given the proper time and effort everything and everyone heals

And that was exactly what he was doing, he wanted her to heal, and only she was capable of rising back and his heart knew one day she will,It was the last paper of their college life, everyone was busy meeting their college mates, everyone knew, how hard it becomes to meet and live this carefree life once you leave the campus.

Vipul was busy talking to a bunch of his close friends, suddenly he felt a soft touch on his back a sensation of thrill and excitement ran through his spine.

“Hey Vipul, will you not meet me” a soft voice sweetened his ears.

He knew from the touch, who she was.

With a lightning speed, he turned back, “Ishita!!!”

At the next moment, they were face to face,  “how are you, where you have been, everything fine with you?….”

She smiled and interrupted him in between, “cool down, Vipul, I am fine, and well, don’t worry”.

Let’s walk together for a while”, she said.


Vipul has never been this happy before, they walked together, they talked for over an hour, unknowingly she was getting comfortable with the guy she has been running from, she wanted to share everything she was holding within, she told him every shade of her story, the way she felt, what she has been through, all of it, and Vipul listened to her, as if he wanted to draw all her pain within him, so she can be at ease, Finally she cried and at the next moment she was in his arms,  after years of aches she was finally feeling lighter as if someone has lifted something  heavy from her heart!!!

For a moment Vipul was her teddy, whom she used to hug every night before bed and cry, sharing her pain and sufferings.

Vipul held her tighter, “you have been through enough, you have suffered enough, no more pains, all your sorrows are mine to bear now”                                                                                                                                                

                          “I love you, now I love you even more”, he cried too.


But something at the next moment forced Ishita to withdraw herself back, She freed herself from the arms of the Vipul.

“You are getting me wrong, I don’t want to be in love again, I shared it all with you because only you understand me, you are my friend and I trust you even more than myself, I should be leaving now”, she said.

And Vipul froze with despair but held her hand before she could leave.

”What, “she asked with tears in her eyes. He said, “I know how hard it is to move on, but one day you will have to choose me because I am never gonna lose you and that’s my decision”.

At this point she was weak; she was not strong enough to free herself from the grip of his hands.

“I have chosen my destiny, I will either bring you back or fall to ashes trying, to rise again and try, but to lose you, never an option for me”, he added with a firm determination in her eyes and freed her from his grip.


“Are you fine? ”Ishita asked before she could leave.

“I will live”, he replied with pain in his eyes.

And they both walked away leaving a lot of unasked questions, unanswered behind.

Ishita was now thinking, leaving her past behind, probably the first time in years, what is so special about me, how can someone love me so much, what is this happening to me”.

She knew slowly but surely she was falling again for a guy, but what course her life will take, she was totally clueless and Vipul was struggling so he can live one more day without her…..