Final chapter

Ishita was completely lost in the mists of uncertainty; she wanted him, and with every passing moment, she was getting more restless she wanted to see him, say sorry to him, and hug him tight but in no condition, she was going to lose him, she was sure of it at the time.

It was the day, when Vipul has to leave for Australia she could no longer wait for him to return.

“Enough of waiting” she murmured to herself.

She was done with waiting and it was time for her to act, she called Vipul but he didn’t pick up as usual.

She was clueless what to do next, in a haze she changed and in the next moment, she was in auto heading towards Vipul’s flat.


“She was on a quest to tame an infuriated beast whom she has fallen in love with but she knew her one smile was enough to slay him”.


Within an hour she was on the doorstep of Vipul’s house she rang the bell but no one opened, she was getting crazy with each passing second she went on ringing the door bell, then finally the door opened.

“Hi,” someone said from inside.

“Mridul…!”She exclaimed.

“Where is Vipul, I need to see him it’s very urgent, please”, she almost cried her heart out.

“But he has already left”, Mridul said.

“What, when I must rush to the airport please accompany me, he cannot go, I will not let him”, Ishita started cried.

Mridul knew that she has fallen for Vipul, and the first time in life he was feeling sorry for Ishita.

“He is gone Ishita forever, by the time we will reach airport his flight would leave. ”Mridul tried to explain.

But Ishita was in no mood to listen, “he can’t leave me, I know that I don’t believe you”.

“But Ishita I am just telling you the truth”, Mridul tried to console her.



“This was enough to break her again and this time she considered herself the reason for destruction of two souls at the same time”





She just silently stepped back dissolved in the memories of Vipul, she could not believe her guardian who was the only person whom she considered was her true love has abandoned her.

Destroyed and drawn by the pain she walked back home.

On the gate of her house, she saw a familiar figure with a bag standing as if waiting for someone.

“Vipul, how, I thought you are gone…. Forever!!!” she cried out in joy and pain.

“I tried but I can’t run from you, I love you damned”, he smiled.

Before Vipul can speak anymore she fell into his arms and this time without any insecurities or fear, this time she was in love and both of them knew this well.

“I can’t lose you and I will never be this irritating to you ever in my life”, she whispered softly in his ears.

“I know”, Vipul replied.



No more words were needed to define their feelings for each other, neither any of them said a word, Ishita was in the arms of her guardian angel, and  Vipul has finally found a reason to live.

The next moment Vipul went on his knees with a red rose in his hand.


“Be my valentine for eternity”. He proposed her.

And she said “yes”.


The girl has chosen him and this time without any doubt in her mind because she knew he is the one who has handled her at her worst and for sure deserves her at her best.

Their story was strange but at the end, they both found a reason to live as one for eternity, sharing a common bond of love and trust, finally, their story was complete, and so was the journey of Vipul….!!!



…………………………………………………….THE END?

……………………………………………………. A Series By Abhay Rathore