Celebrations bring joy. They are a source of fun and pleasure where we can take time out of our monotonous routine. Celebrating small achievements and happy moments can help to keep our life away from getting boring and stressful. It also helps us to appreciate small happy moments, understanding how precious life is. But when it comes to weddings, the huge family celebration, it can be a big event for every family. For people of every class or race, weddings are about celebrating the starting of a new and wonderful phase of life.

Amidst all the larger than life celebrations with fairy tales and big fat royal weddings, a few people just like to keep it simple and sober. They want their special day to be a closed family event with only the ones who truly love them. This might include a few family members as well as some close friends with a decent and small ceremony. Such micro weddings provide a good family time, bonding with your close ones while living one of the most special moments of your life. Such weddings are not only great for the family but they require less planning, leading to lesser stress. They are more focused on living the moments than showing them off to the world and are also cheaper.


Though micro weddings are smaller in terms of arrangements and guest list, they are perfect to spend in the right places. You can make them better by knowing the right things you can spend on when you opt for micro weddings.

Advantages of Micro Weddings

Micro weddings have a lot of advantages.

  • They are low on budget
  • Have more freedom to experiment and play around
  • Less managing stress
  • More family time is available
  • They allow you to share your special moments with the ones you are really close to
  • It gives a chance to spend more on other aspects than just serving the long guest list
  • A personalized experience could be provided to each one
  • It is more sustainable and environment-friendly

Things to Spend on in Micro Weddings

Venue and Decor


When you decide to get married, “where” is what to ask yourself at first? With a small gathering you have an opportunity and budget to get a dreamy venue. Book your favorite villa, a getaway home, a luxurious resort, a place by the beach or a garden, as you like.

Once the venue is decided, you have to go ahead for “how will it look”. Decide the perfect decor giving a personalized touch to each element as you have a bit more time, money, and energy left.

Personal Thank You

When the guest list is small, it becomes easier to provide a personalized favor of gratitude. It helps in better interaction with every guest, thanking them for their precious presence at your ceremony.

Get a Delicious Plate


Good food sets the bar for any event higher. And here as you plan your world-class micro wedding, you have the chance for a more customized menu. You can have special add-ons and categories as per the preference of all guests.

The Dreamy Moments


Capture your dreamy moments with the best photographers, drone-capturing, special photo booths, pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots, family videos, etc.

Personalized Changes

You have a wider scope of making changes as and what you like. There is no need to worry about what and how will it be taken by others. With only your closed ones around, your stress is lesser and you can enjoy each moment even more.

An After Party


Once all is over and you are still in that celebratory mood, an after or closing party is what adds a cherry to the cake. With a small guest list even that becomes easier to arrange, the budget doesn’t go over the board and there is no extra pressure.