Looks like Tiger Shroff has popped the question and she said “Yes”. Oh my god, another Bollywood Wedding is now nearing and we can’t keep calm. Well. Tiger and Disha you surely took us by surprise and how. They both are co-stars of their 2018 movie “Baaghi 2”. Bollywood couples are getting more and more open about their relationships with time. Good for us, we don’t have to ‘speculate’ or form a ‘conjecture’ (Karan Johar’s favorite word) about things no more.

Are Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani officially Engaged?

They both are always in the news for their tittle-tattle affair but it is now confirmed by the duo. If you follow this Bollywood couple on their social media handles, you would know they didn’t come out as ‘straightforward’ as you’d expect.

They were pretty ticklishly about it. Disha Patani posted a picture on her Instagram handle where she is kissing a ring on her index finger with a shy smile on her face. The caption in this picture is the reason why you are reading this today. It says “Someone popped the question and I said “Yes”. You didn’t need to mention that someone’s name Disha, we know who it is. But anyway, if you still think we are only jumping to conclusions, here’s another cue. Tiger Shroff around the same time, posted a picture on his Instagram handle, guess what? Kissing a ring on his index finger, with that ‘you know who’ smirk on his face. Uh huh, with the caption that says, “Turns out I’m taken”. I guess they’re planning to say the vows sooner than we thought.

We’ll take that as a “Yes”

The duo has this photo posted on their respective Instagram handles and aren’t they adorable? Their actions are surely speaking louder than words. With all those lunches, dinner dates, accompanying each other in award functions, workout sessions, they are always spotted in the company of each other. Disha and Tiger are always caught under the spotlight by the paps and they never seemed to mind at all. They were just a simple couple going out together, hanging and chilling.

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When is The Wedding?

We are only wondering when are they going to announce The Wedding, since we are clearly very excited, like the rest of the fans. Bollywood Weddings are what keeps the fans glued to the end of the road. The craziness it brings along is practically 10X the Bollywood actors themselves. Maintaining the appropriate intensity of it, we want to feel more connected and involved with the glamour and lifestyle of movie stars. These days, the means are gazing at their sumptuous Wedding Photos, thanks to social media. We have the first-hand pictures available to us by following our fav celebrities on their personal Insta/Twitter/Facebook accounts.

Well, until further information (or posts!) we tend to stay updated and stalk their Instagram every now and then. You never know, they might just drop a picture of their Wedding Invites tomorrow. It’s such a task. They are quite a  couple.. know exactly how to gather our attention. If they could read this, we want to tell that it worked. Tiger and Disha, you have our full attention. Looking forward to the D-day. We hope you arrive soon. Until then, all the best wishes to this sexy duo, it’s getting real!