Planning a wedding, as exciting it is, is not an easy task. There are a lot of avenues and options that need to be looked out to plan the perfect wedding. Here is a list of some ways that, if looked after, can help you plan the most beautiful wedding ever.


If you are fortunate enough where the money is not a roadblock for you, you may skip this point. Having a budget for your wedding that both you and your significant other agree on is essential for the wedding to sail smoothly. It is recommended to have conversations and discussions planning about the budget. This is done as it will set the plan of action for the rest of the tasks below.

Wedding Planners:

Don’t you think it will be better to alleviate some of the stress and tension off your shoulders planning your wedding?

Choosing a wedding planner is a tedious task when there are a lot of options that seem great for you. Shortlisting and making a list of the top 3-5 would be beneficial here. The advice to keep in mind during these times is as follows. Until the day of your wedding, this person is going to see all your sides. From helping you choose the perfect venue, to hold you together till the end. Therefore, choosing a planner that matches your personality and sense of style is crucial to have the perfect wedding.


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Indian weddings are known to be grand and long-lasting! Receptions, Sangeet, Haldi and more are some of the ceremonies that Indian weddings have. The weddings range anywhere between 1 to 7 days. It depends on the number of ceremonies. Hence it is of extreme importance to know the number of ceremonies you want at your wedding and discussing it with your significant other first, and then your respective soon to be families.


This is another decision you and your significant other must mutually take. It comes down to whether either of you had a dream wedding or want it to be that way. If not, it boils down to 2-4 simple questions that would help you close down on a few places.

  1. Do we want a small wedding or a grand one?
  2. Do we want a destination wedding?
  3. How many people do we want?
  4. Where do we see ourselves getting married? (at a lawn, beach, hall, etc)

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These questions will help you narrow down a few places. It is favorable that you and your significant other mutually come to these decisions and choose a perfect location. Make sure to ask your wedding planner any advice you would want, as they are most equipped with knowledge on these matters. Once you have chosen your favorite location for the wedding, move on to further looking for other venues for the rest of your ceremonies following the same process.


After choosing the number of people that you want at the wedding, the next task becomes to design a wedding invite. Typically, it is suggested that you order the invites you want 3 to 4 weeks before you plan on sending them out. This way, you can make any necessary changes and you will have enough time to review and revise them as much as you want to perfection.

In case you want to send in a digital invite, make sure all the details are mentioned and that you send it at the appropriate time where it’s not too soon that people are unable to plan their travel and not too far that people forget to mark it in their calendars. You need to find that middle ground that works for you as well as your friends and family.


Hiring talented and passionate photographers and videographers, along with musicians and bands will guarantee that your wedding day is never forgotten. Moreover, these elements add glamour to your wedding and make it supremely memorable.

Overall, these are the main few points that need looking after to make sure that the wedding is a grand success!