The Roka ceremony will be your first wedding-related event, which lets the world know about your imminent marriage. Though it was traditionally celebrated only in certain parts of the country, it has now prevalent everywhere as an engagement announcement. If you were just looking for something fun and straightforward and do not want to shell out a lot of money for this, then we have you covered with this article.

Choosing The Right Venue:

You can have it at home, indoor or outdoor as you see fit. If not, you can have it at a friend’s or relative’s place. Also nowadays, most societies and gated communities have halls that will be relatively cheap. You can opt for these too. Just as important as the venue is the guest list. Ideally, try and keep the number of guests below 50. In these times, a limited crowd is not only preferable but also highly encouraged.


Keep The Outfit Simple:

There are multiple options to bring down the cost of your attire which will otherwise be one of the biggest spends. You can also use this opportunity to experiment if you are going to go traditional for your wedding. One, you can reuse your mother’s, aunt’s, or grandmother’s saris or lehengas. Trust me, wearing your mother’s or grandmother’s makes you feel things that no big label will be able to match. You can style it differently and achieve an entirely new look.

You can also rent an outfit, and there are multiple facilities available for the same. In this way, you will not be spending too much money on an outfit which you will wear just once. Rentals start as low as INR 2500 for a lehenga. 

Lastly, if you want to purchase something, go for something which can be reused and doesn’t have an expensive price tag. Hunt for those low-key high-value lines on Instagram. 

When it comes to jewelry, again try to use what you already have or borrow from friends and siblings. You will be spending quite a lot on this for your wedding. So any cost saved now can be utilized later. 

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Do Your Own Makeup:

We all know that make-up artists don’t come cheap. And for a small, home function, you can easily manage a professional look by yourself. You can ask your cousins or friends who are good at it to help you out or you can tailor your look using a million tutorials that are available online. If you are a little apprehensive about this, then try out the look before so that you nail it on the D-Day. 

Avoid The Photographer:

All of us have that one cousin or friend who is a pretty good photographer. It is time to rope him/ her in. Also, if it is a small ceremony bringing in a third party may not go with the vibe. If it is a morning ceremony, then there should be not much of a lighting issue.

In case you want to hire a professional, opt for freelancers who are just starting out but whose portfolios show promise.

Do Not Compromise On Food:

How good the food was more often than not defines how good an event was. But good food doesn’t always equate to expensive food. You can limit the number of dishes. If it is a minimal crowd, you can. If you have a cake, then it can double as dessert. Limit the number of appetizers and have a more elaborate main course. 

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Entertainment! Entertainment! 

Honestly, all you need is the right playlist and some open space for everyone to dance. You can ask your loved ones to perform if they are interested and you are all set!