selecting wedding shoes

Shoes are every girl’s fad and each time countless hours are spent in spotting down “the just” pair. And in all probability, this was the reason why Charles Perrault chose those sparkling glass shoes to play the pivotal role in his story of Cinderella. And so today we have for you some tips to bear in mind while selecting wedding shoes. And we promise you an experience right out of your favourite fairy tale. Here we go:

Tips For selecting wedding shoes:

The Color

That’s one prime criterion while cherry-picking your dreamy shoes for your dream-day. Now, this should be only done once you’ve picked up your wedding day attire. Take along a small piece from your wedding dress to out-do any possibility of a wrong guesswork or inept estimations.

selecting wedding shoes

Now if you prefer to dress up like a traditional bride, the color should be of the perfect shade as of your attire with similar patchwork.

selecting wedding shoes

But brides these days are hitting off the box look and opting for shoes in contrast colors.

So before hitting the market, as I always say, form a clear idea of what you want, to save confusion and time.

Also, you could check online for ideas when selecting wedding shoes. But I will never advise you to buy footwear online because what may look good on the screens may not bring expected glory to your feet. And you will always be short of time to entangle yourself in return policies.

The Budget

selecting wedding shoes

Underneath your long flowy wedding attire, your shoes will more often not be seen. Hence if you are tight on budget, choose wisely to spend on your wedding shoes. Also, keeping in mind the future reusability of your wedding shoes is a practical approach.

Height of Your Heels

selecting wedding shoes

It should be so chosen that neither does it out do your comfort nor your better-halves height.


And this plays the deciding role. Remember you will be wearing the shoes for long hours- walking, dancing and snapping but not tripping. So if you aren’t used to very high heels, no experiments to be performed on your D –day. Your shoes should define your personality, so please do not blindly follow someone else’s style while selecting wedding shoes.

                         selecting wedding shoes

selecting wedding shoes selecting wedding shoes

This is why brides these days often opt for wedges, flats, and converse as well.

The Flooring and Venue Restrictions

Vintage venues do not allow sharp heels within their premises in order to avoid damage to their old wooden floors. So please check out with them.

selecting wedding shoes

Likewise also find out the flooring of your banquet and if they offer less friction, as in the case of wooden or tiled floors, rub your soles against sand paper.


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A Spare Pair

selecting wedding shoes

To save yourself from the disaster of a heel falling apart or strap losing its grip, it’s always safe to carry a spare pair of shoes.

Take Care of Your Feet

selecting wedding shoes

Devote time to the pedicure, so that they look soft and supple when you have to open them for some ritual. Also paint them beautifully, so that they give a wonderful sneak peek if you are wearing peep-toes and pedicuring is a good idea for your honeymoon as well.

Wear Them Before

selecting wedding shoes

Yes, wear your wedding shoes before, at your home and slightly worn them out, so that they do not end up giving you shoe-bites on your special day.

I hope you find our tips helpful and if you have more tips for selecting wedding shoes, feel free to share those with us in the comment section.



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