We have previously given you ideas to celebrate your parents’ 25th anniversary. But with the outbreak of COVID-19, we are all locked up in our homes, for good. So, obviously, if your parents have their golden jubilee this year, you will have to celebrate their silver jubilee in quarantine.

Don’t worry as we are to your rescue. Here are some ways in which you can give them a memorable silver jubilee in quarantine:

Bake a cake at home

Nothing impresses your parents more than their children cooking food for them. Although you cook something or the other on either Mother’s or Father’s Day, surprise your parents by baking their anniversary cake.

Make a slideshow of all their photographs from the wedding day until now

This is something that will stay with them like their wedding album. A slideshow containing 25 pictures of all the past 25 years. In order to add a twist, you can add some testimonials from your close relatives. Or you can ask them to record a short video wishing your parents and add those videos in between slides.

Schedule a family Zoom call

You can schedule a Zoom call with all of your relatives. You can do that while cutting the cake so that your relatives too are a part of the ceremony.

Make a card game

This is something new, and it might take some time to perform this. All you need is paper and a pen, and we have the perfect plan for you. Make 52 cards of the identical size, write a dare that you would like your parents to do. Divide the cards equally and begin the game. This game is fun and you can play it for a whole week as well.

Decorate their bedroom

You know how to do this. This is the best way to make their night memorable and give them a fresh start. Candles, confetti, and other items you can find in your home that can be used for decoration. Don’t think much and just decorate it.

Flowers to the rescue

If you have a garden at your home and there are flowers, pluck some of them and make a bouquet. Leave it in their room with a note for them as a surprise. In case you don’t have flowers, you can use an old newspaper to make a bouquet.

Record a message for them

Nothing impresses your parents more than the emotions of their kids. Make a video or record an audio message telling them how wonderful it has been for you to have them. A heartfelt message is something that they will always store with them and cherish for the rest of their lives.

Go ahead and try these tips for your parents’ silver jubilee. Staying at home is important but that doesn’t mean you’ll let them miss out on completing 25 years together. Make their silver jubilee in quarantine memorable by investing your emotions.