In the times when there are fantastic makeup artists available, no one would like to do their makeup. But Indian weddings have a lot of functions and it might be a bit expensive to afford a makeup artist for all the functions. There is no need to worry if you don’t have a makeup artist for all the functions. Instead of stressing the fact that you don’t have an artist, you can focus on doing the makeup by yourself. It might look difficult but it isn’t impossible. So, let’s just focus on the part which is possible and understand the 101 of makeup. First things first, you need to understand that makeup is an art and to create a masterpiece you need to have appropriate tools. Therefore, here are some small tips that will make your makeup task simpler:

Keep calm:

There is no need to stress on things that you can’t control. Therefore, shift your focus on boosting your confidence and morale so that you can prove to yourself that nothing is impossible for you.

Get help from YouTube tutorials

YouTube has come up with many channels that teach you how to apply makeup from the beginning to the end. YouTube is the sea of information and not every fish in the sea is worth your attention. So, surf through all the channels and choose one YouTuber whose makeup techniques you think are easy to follow. Watch an ample number of videos by that channel. By the time you have watched a few videos, you will already start feeling confident.


Purchasing tools for your masterpiece

Makeup shopping can be quite a task if not organized properly. One thing you should completely fix in your mind is all the products you buy should be waterproof. You don’t need quantity but you need quality to do flawless makeup. Be sure to check the expiry date. Before purchasing the product authenticate it the brand is original or not. Try to buy makeup from a trusted store rather than the local retailers.


The practice is the key

No person can just learn to do makeup by just watching videos. You need to take the tools in your hand and get on the field to practice before the actual battle. If you are a beginner you will need more practice than a person who has the basics of makeup clear. Therefore, experiment on yourself what look suits you and what goes well with your outfit. Once finalized practice the look several times before the actual day. This will help your hand to stay steady on the day of actual performance.


Skincare is must

To create a masterpiece, you need a base that is healthy and strong. You need to have clear glowing skin to provide the makeup a flawless base. So, following a skincare routine is a must thing. You should drink ample amount of water to keep the skin hydrated. Avoid using numerous products on the skin. Try to keep your routine simple and minimalistic.



Doing makeup involves several products. It is very necessary to keep all the stuff organized so that you don’t have a panic attack on the D-Day. Keeping the stuff organized will help your mind to stay calm and make it more accessible to find the product you need for doing your makeup.


 The D-Day

The day of the examination has arrived but you need to tell your mind that you are well prepared. Ensure that you have a good amount of time in your hand in case of any problem. Don’t overburden yourself, ask for help if you need it. Make sure to put on your outfit before applying to save it from ruining it. Keep the compact, eyeliner, and lipstick in your purse because these three can fix any hazards in a minute.


In the beginning, doing your makeup might be a nightmare for you. But remembering these small tips would convert your nightmare into a beautiful reality. It isn’t about products and brushes. It is all about understanding yourself so that you can find a perfect combination that suits your skin. It is about patience and practice. In this small amount of time, you might not become a flawless artist but you will become a magician who isn’t afraid of performing magic on themselves.

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