Mehendi is essential for Indian weddings as it has a whole function dedicated to it. It also holds a great value for the bride as often they get the name of their grooms written in their mehendi. The color of the henna needs to be dark for often it is interpreted to bring good luck in the bride’s life. The bride sits patiently for hours when the henna is being applied.

Everyone wants their mehendi to stand out with its dark color and bold pattern. However, not everyone knows the tips and tricks to enhance the color of the mehendi. So, we’re listing here 6 tips and tricks to enhance the color of your mehendi:

1) Eucalyptus Oil

You’ll have to get a bottle of good quality Eucalyptus oil. First, wash your hands rigorously with soap. Once you’ve washed your hands, take a few drops of Eucalyptus oil in your palm and rub them against each other. Let your skin absorb the oil. Once the oil has been fully absorbed, then only start applying henna.

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2) Lemon-Sugar Mixture

I know that I am telling an age-old trick but this has been effective for the generations. It is something that comes straight outta your grandmother’s book of remedies. The reason why it is effective is that the lemon juice activates the dye in the henna. The sugar helps that dye to stick to the skin. It might be the stickiest method but it makes your henna color stick to your skin. 😉

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3) Clove Smoke

You can always try heating up cloves and drying your hands in smoke that comes out of it. All you need to do is take some cloves in a pan. Heat the pan until the cloves start burning. Close the stove and place your hands over the pan. Keep your hands for as long as you can. Remove once your hands start hurting. You need to repeat this twice or thrice to get the effect.

4) Balm

Once your mehendi has dried, you can apply any balm-like Vicks or Tiger balm over it. Even while scraping off the dry mehendi, use the balm. The balm acts as a color enhancer.

5) Mustard Oil

In order to have better results, you can also go for mustard oil. It boosts the color of the mehendi. Once you’ve scraped off the mehendi, you need to rub mustard oil on your hands. It is said that oil releases heat which is required for the dye to get darker.

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6) Keep away from water

If you really want to wash your hands, wash it before applying henna. Once the henna has been applied, water will hinder the effect of henna penetrating your skin. It might also wash off the dye of the henna. So, avoid washing your hands. If you have to scrape off dried henna, you can always use coconut oil, but no water. There are times people try scraping off henna using water but it actually makes the henna stick to your skin.

It is advised to never dry your mehendi with a hairdryer or a blower as it doesn’t allow the henna to penetrate the skin. Also, never shake your hands or feet in an attempt to dry the mehendi faster as that will end up ruing the intricate designs on your mehendi.

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