Planning a wedding can be a serious and major task if you are doing it without the help of wedding planner or coordinator. There are so many tasks to be done to be able to pull off a perfect celebration. Choosing a venue is another major task in planning a wedding. And if you are planning an outdoor affair to celebrate your nuptials then you should be all the more careful. Here are some tips to keep in mind before planning an outdoor wedding. 




Do not ignore the possibility of having rain. It is important to make a rain plan so as to not get surprised with some last-minute changes due to rain. You need to also find out what your venue’s rain policy is. Based on whatever is in your contract, the contractors would make changes accordingly. If it rains in the morning and the clouds clear by wedding time, for example, you may still opt to have your wedding outdoors. You want to be sure all of your furniture, equipment, and decor can still be set up as planned. However, if it rains during the time of the wedding, make sure the rental contracts have all the arrangements to shift everything inside or shades to go inside and cover yourself.

Extreme Temperatures 

Either too hot or too cold is what none would prefer. If you are planning a winter wedding and then of course it will be cold and chilly, then make sure you make arrangements for heaters for your outdoor space. On the other hand, if you are planning a summer wedding, you don’t want your guests to be just sitting there sweating. So, make arrangements for huge coolers, fans, and paper fans could be handed over to guests which is a great option. Make sure you clear all these arrangements depending upon the temperatures with the rental contractors. After all, you want your guests to sit comfortably and enjoy the ceremony rather than rushing home due to temperature issues. 

Insect Bites

Let’s just face it, insects and bug bites are common if you attend an outdoor wedding near lush green areas or near water. This can have a big impact on the experience your guests and you have on your big day. Make sure you talk about this issue with your venue vendor so that he can make arrangements by having bug sprays or have your venue are sprayed for mosquitoes some three or four days prior. Also, choose flowers for your arrangements that repel mosquitoes – lavender and marigolds are perfect choices. The great news is that marigolds come in so many colors, you’re sure to find one that matches your wedding theme.

Outfit And Shoes

For an outdoor wedding, you must be prepared well for both your outfit and shoes accordingly. For both brides and groom, if your wedding is happening during the hot temperature make sure after the main ceremony you change your outfits to something comfortable and airy to hit the dance floor. As gorgeous as that gown or tuxedo may be, comfort is really important. For shoes, brides should avoid stilettos or kitten heels so that you don’t sink into the ground with every step if the surface is grass or any other soft surface. We recommend accessorizing with wedges or flats.


A lot of outdoor venues have sounds that are uncontrollable. There might be road noise or other people are around or any sound that will disturb your ceremony, you have to make sure there are mics used so that everybody can hear and enjoy the ceremony and actually be with you. You don’t want people to be like, “What, What?” what are they talking about. Also, a beautiful waterfall which might be at the wedding might completely rule out couples voice or even if their huge coolers then they take up a lot of sounds. Unless you’re having a pretty intimate group, it can be tricky for guests in the back rows to hear what’s being said during the ceremony. So, just go for mics if you are planning an outdoor wedding. 

On-site Transportation

If navigating between the parking area, ceremony site, and reception space involves a decent amount of walking, consider offering an easy transportation option for elderly guests (or pregnant guests, or guests in sky-high heels, or anyone else who may not be comfortable walking, for that matter). Rent a few golf carts or cabs, or even enlist a group of groomsmen to shuttle guests as needed. These carts or cabs also come to the rescue for elderly people when there is an uneven surface where it becomes difficult for them to walk. Make sure to make arrangements for helping them to reach the venue properly. 


If you are getting married outside, make sure you consider restrooms. Where are the restrooms? Sometimes this just slips our minds to make sure that there is a restroom nearby of your venue only and not need anyone to walk like some 100 miles to reach there. Make sure there are signage marking used so that people don’t need to ask others for the location. 



So, yes outdoor weddings can be a bit unpredictable but if you just use these simple seven tips, we are sure you are gonna have a great and memorable ceremony outdoor.