Belly bloating indicates the additional amount of solid, liquid, or gaseous substance in the stomach. It is not related to fat which is present in your body but it can make your tummy look a tad bigger than what it is. With all the wedding rituals and appetizing food going around, belly-bloating might make you upset on your wedding day. So here a few easy tips to reduce and avoid belly-bloating:

Remember you are not a soft toy:

The main cause of belly-bloating is eating an excessive amount of food than what your stomach requires. Amongst the delightful wedding menu that you have chosen, overeating is very obvious if you do not have the presence of mind. Therefore, enjoy the food but not so much that you become a soft toy.

Fizzy Drinks, a big No:

Gas is also a reason you might end up with a bloated belly. The gaseous substance in the stomach is formed in two different ways. It can be formed by the bacteria present in the gut and second by the air that is swallowed while eating or drinking. Fizzy drinks like carbonated beverages have a huge amount of air bubbles which are made up of carbon dioxide. If these beverages are consumed in a hurry or with a straw or more than once or twice it may result in the formation of gaseous substances and upset tummy.


Peppermint oil is to your rescue:

As the name suggests peppermint belongs to the family of aroma mints which has numerous amounts of medical benefits. In case you are carried away by all the wedding fun and have a bloated belly, take a few drops of peppermint oil and rub it on your stomach. The aroma of the peppermint oil soothes your mind and the qualities present in the oil relax your abdominal muscles and reduce belly bloating. The goodness of peppermint is available in the form of oil as well as capsules. Peppermint leaves can even be consumed in raw form.


Go to the kitchen and grab some Ginger:

Can’t find peppermint oil or too late to go to the chemist, do not worry because the remedy of belly-bloating is available right in your kitchen. Take some ginger out of the fridge and grate it. Boil one cup of water, add grated ginger and strain the mixture. To make it taste better, add a pinch of rock salt and there is your instead remedy of belly-bloating. Ginger has antioxidants in it which reduce gaseous substances instantly.


Comforting Tangy Jaljeera:

Jaljeera is a mixture of cumin seeds, rock salt, citric acid, dried mint leaves, dried ginger powder, and black pepper. It is available easily in any nearby grocery store in the form of small packets. The only things you need to make Jaljeera is ice and water. Empty the entire packet of Jaljeera powder in a glass of water, stir for a bit and add ice. The tangy taste of the drink instantly lifts up your mood and ingredients like citric acid and cumin seeds help your stomach to get rid of any excess substance which is causing trouble to your stomach.



Stressing yourself when you have an upset stomach won’t help you much in reducing it. So instead of giving panic to yourself and to others take a warm bath with essential oils infused, go for a walk and grab some fresh air. 


This will help in reducing your stress level and in return aid your digestive tract to work quickly in abandoning the elements which have caused you belly bloating.