Mehendi is one of the many beautiful pre-wedding ceremonies in not only the Hindu but also Muslim weddings. It is a fun filled ceremony with much music, dance and fervour in which not only the bride and the groom but also family, close relatives and friends adorn their hands and feet with henna.  The ceremony holds a great significance in Indian weddings. According to Islam, the Prophet put henna in is beard and advised its application to those who were sick and ailing. In Hinduism, mehendi represents fertility. It is also believed that the darker the colour of the mehendi, the deeper the bond would be between the newly weds. Henna due to its medicinal values is also believed to protect the bride and the groom from falling to viral infections before the wedding. Nowadays, numerous remarkable styles have sprung up. They are beautiful, delicate as well as elegant. Here are the top ten of the most beautiful mehendi looks that you could try out for your wedding.

​​1) Batik Mehendi Design

This style is characterized by administration of pretty culrs and twirls. It is inspired b the peacocks’ feathers and mango leaves which is popularly known as the “keri” design. hre’s hardly any space between the patterns, and that is something that makes it supremely charming.

Beautiful mehendi Looks Batik

Batik Mehendi Design

2) Arabic Mehendi Design       

Beautiful Mehendi Looks Arabic

Arabic Mehendi Design on the Foot

Brides who prefer a modern touch to their attire, should consider this design to be ideal for them. The designs are inspired by flower petals.The floral pattern is put somewhat geometrically which may or may not cover the hands and feet in totality. They look supremely elegant when teamed by gorgeous bracelet desgn and ring like motifs semi-circulary on the fingers. This design can work wonders even when put minimally.

Arabic Beautiful Mehendi Look

Rabic Mehendi – Ring Motif

3) Pakistani Mehendi Design

It is the best of both worlds. The Pakistani Mehendi design is a mix of arabic and Indian mehendi styles. In this the outline is usually done by black mehendi and the interior is filled with Indian mehendi style. It marks the rich culture and heritage of Pakistan. The fusion of different styles and the variation that can be brought out of this mehendi technique are mind blowing.

Pakistani Mehendi

4) Indo-Arabic Mehendi Design

After the Pakistani, another fusion, the mix of Indian and Arabic mehendi is loved by many. The Arabic geometric motifs are teamed with the curly motifs which are characteristic of the Indian Mehendi.

Beautiful Mehendi Looks - Indo Arabic

Indo Arabic Mehendi

5) Moroccan Mehendi Design

This is the latest trend in mehedndi and is opted mainly by the younger brides and mehendi lovers. Its simple geometric shapes and comtemporary look goes very well with western outfits and is the new “in thing”. They are unique and add to the elegance to the bride and to the groom.

Beautiful Moehendi Looks - Moroccan Mehendi

Moroccan Mehendi

6) Marwari Mehendi Design

The Marwari mehendi is inspired by and represents the rich culture of Rajasthan. Although thye are supremely difficult to master because of their rich and intricate detailing, they are bound to get you into the spotlight. The Lord Radha Krishna design and the ones representing the Indian weddings with the bride and the groom motifs are the most sought after.

Beautiful Mehendi Looks - Marwari Marwari Mehandi

7) Punjabi Mehendi Design

This mehendi design has rich floral motif work and beautiful ornamental designs which make them utterly remarkable. They have rich art and potray human figures, gods or goddesses. They look royal and unique.

8) Mughlai Mehendi Design

Not just Mughlai food but their style of mehendi never fails to wow the bystanders. They are a beautiful mix of arabic, batik and moroccan mehendi style. It has the right amount of spacing and fullness. it is the perfect combination of peacock feathers and floral motifs ina beautiful geometric fashion. They look super delicate and elegant with a fine touch of austerity.

9) Multicolored Mehendi design

This is one of the latest trends  and is gaining high popularity among the young brides who are willing to experiment. The use of red, green and often pink colour adds a pop of colour to the simple mehendi art and makes it really catchy and distinctive.

10) Glitter To Your Mehendi

Another new trend int he world of mehendi, the glitter adds that extra shimmer, shein and glamour to the regular mehendi art and can put you at the centre of everybody’s attention.

No matter what mehendi style you opt for, it will ultimately fade away with time no matter how dark it gets. What will remain are the memories and bond which will deepen with time with the fading henna. 



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