Weddings these days are just something more than canonical rituals. They have grown over time and become more lavish and ritzy. Bride’s entry is something which is given superfluous attention to. It is the most fascinating part of the da y. Don’t you think a  bride’s entry should be that dhamaakedaar so that everyone is left completely mesmerized.

Elegance in a bride’s entry…

What can be better than entering your wedding on the beat of songs full of grandeur because shy dulhans are so not trendy. Here we have a list for all kinds of brides which will drop their groom’s jaw in amazement.

1) Raabta, Agent Vinod

This beautiful romantic song is one of the all time favourite for every love bird out there. This song can take you to the love land any time. While you go towards the altar and see your man standing there and the feel when you hear this song is just heavenly. This song is of utmost simplicity and touches the soul. And I’m sure it will touch and steal away your groom’s heart when he sees you moving towards him. Remember us when you play the song at your wedding.

You can hear the song here.

2) Din shagna da

This song is played in end number of weddings.Wondering why? It’s simple ! Because it  gives the perfect essence of an Indian wedding and ofcourse everyone’s gaze shifts to  the bride’s entry and that is all the bride wants right.

The song’s magic works best while the bride is walking down the aisle and sets her foot to the venue under the stunningly beautiful phoolo ki chaddar accompanied by her brothers. An entry on this song will surely be enchanting and a memorable one. There are different versions of this song but you don’t worry we have sort this out for you.

You can here this beautiful song here.

And here is the one sung by Royal Jasleen from the movie Phillauri.

3) Aafreen Aafreen

This is the best suited  song for a heavenly and stellar bridal entry. As the lyrics say

Aisa dekha nahi khoobsurat koi, jism jaise Ajanta ki murat koi” What could be more beautiful than a song that catches the elegance of a bride who is going to get married? This song by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan will make your groom’s heart skip a beat and flutter in complete awe. The lyrics are symbolic of the glory of the bride. The smile on your face under those sparkling lights when you enter the wedding venue would be worth millions with this song.

The ambience around you is sure to leave you flabbergasted . It’s the most important day of your life and in my opinion the song does complete justice to your royal entry to the venue and your completely amazing life.

You can listen this song from Coke Studio here.

4) Tune maari entry

Imagine walking towards your groom dancing on the tunes of this amazing song from the movie Gunday? Swag it out with this song in the most ostentatious manner on your wedding day.  If you are a bride who just wants to do things  sabse hatke why not pick up this song for your entry and rock the wedding altar with your full desi swag on the beats of dhols and nagaras. This is definitely an amazing pick to impress your groom .And also I’m pretty sure this entry of yours will make make the groom dance along. That would be a sight!

You can listen to this song from the movie Gunday here.

5) A thousand years

If you are a bride who doesn’t really loves or is a fan of bollywood songs, you can definitely go for this fantastic and incongruous song sung by Christina Perry. A thousand years is definitely one of the most romantic songs out there. The song is sure to convey your emotions and love. Oooo wait wait I can already sense a feeling of ecstasy arousing in the heart of people.  Love is eternal and it never fades away if two people love each other truly. This song is definitely a must go for bride’s entry as it will take you both to completely different world.

You can here this mesmerizing song by Christina Perry here.

Bride’s entry has been a big affair since forever in Indian weddings. And girls remember it is your special day to stand out so do choose your song wisely. Make sure to keep it classy. I hope  our blog gives you valuable insights and you rock on your wedding day and come out with flying colors.