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Top Budget Friendly Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Your honeymoon is what you want it to be – an adventure, a romantic journey, a fantasy world or maybe even wilderness. Honeymooning isn’t just about a stay at a fancy hotel, some sightseeing and then back home. It’s about joint experiences that bring the best out of the both of you. How about having these experiences in one of the top budget friendly honeymoon destinations in the world?

World’s 10 Top Budget Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

So here are 10 of the world’s top budget friendly honeymoon destinations for you; pick one that suits the both of you. Have a great honeymoon!

1) Cook Islands

On the turquoise blue Pacific between New Zealand and Hawaii lie the 15 beautiful Cook Islands. If you want untouched natural habitats, peaceful blue lagoons, warm weather and bliss wrapped in a destination, this is it. Here you’ll wake up to fresh air and incredible views every day of your honeymoon. The Cook Islands have some great cheap stays for honeymooners. If you want, you can stay at a New Zealand hotel and visit the Cook Islands on a day trip.

2) Florida

Lounge on warm beaches and tan those perfect bods at Florida. Go kite surfing, waterboarding, surfing and scuba diving together. Visit the Universal Studios theme park for some cool rides. Explore Key West beaches and South Beach nightlife. Stay at Angler’s Miami South Beach Resort for a perfect honeymoon stay. Or, sign up for the Honeymoon Escape, Deluxe Escape or the Romantic Escape package at Walt Disney World Resorts, one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.  Each package comes along with a cruise to the Bahamas plus park passes, accommodation, couples spa treatment and honeymoon pictures at Disney sites.  If you’re a true blue Disney fan, why not experience a custom-theme wedding at Disney World?

​​3) KoSamui, Thailand

KoSamuiIsland is a pristine gem with stunning beaches, located in the Gulf of Siam. A part of the Angthong Marine National Park, the island allows you to enjoy various adventures such as kayaking, diving, snorkeling, forest exploration, rock climbing and more. Book your stay at Sunset Beach Resort and Spa in TalingNgam Beach and give in to their divine couple spa treatments. The romantic décor and friendly staff will make you enjoy every moment of each other’s company even more.

4) Acapulco

If John F Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy loved it, they did it for a reason. Warm temperatures and beautiful beaches with plenty of dense reef systems make swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and beach-bumming here a rewarding experience. Stay at the Camino Real for lovely rooms and for skinny dipping at midnight in the private Pichilingue Beach. Acapulco is the perfect, affordable destination for an unforgettable honeymoon.

5) Paris

Romantic Paris with its iconic Eiffel Tower, the winding cobbled streets, the many bridges over the River Seine and the outdoor cafes – it’s a city built for honeymooners. Average accommodation rates are less than USD 100 a night. The weather is perfect around the year; it’s never too hot or too cold in Paris. The entire city is covered by bus and subway train routes, so you can get around for very less indeed. Don’t miss checking out The Louvre, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Luxembourg Gardens and other sights. Don’t forget to attend a fabulous extravaganza at the Moulin Rouge with your honey. Here’s an idea; why not check out Switzerland, Spain, Greece and other EU nations on an extended honeymoon? Just obtain a Schengen visa and you’re eligible to enter all 26 EU nations, no questions asked.

6) Las Vegas

Didn’t manage to elope to Las Vegas and throw everyone into a tizzy? Never mind. This hot destination is perfect for newlyweds who want action, drama, lights and yes, gaming. Las Vegas also has some excellent hotels that believe in pampering newlyweds. Las Vegas is the land of lights, romance and the place where frogs get kissed and handsome princes are born every day. Granted, the city is a bit on the expensive side, but there are several budget-friendly options for honeymooners here.

7) Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Not a beach fan? Prefer to cuddle up with your honey in sub-zero temperatures? Then head out to the glacier-fed Lake Louise, a beautiful little blue gem. Enjoy a number of winter sports such as cross-country and downhill skiing, snowshoeing, ice-skating, dogsledding and more. Tired of sports, and want some quiet time with your lovey? Head out on a romantic sleigh ride to make snow bunnies together. If you’re there during summer, you can enjoy horseback riding, hiking and white-water rafting with your honey.

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8) Bali

If you’re after pristine blue seas, fabulous beaches, wonderful food and spa treatments and stunning views, then this is the honeymoon destination of your dreams. Explore Bali’s 10,000 lovely temples and pay homage to the country’s rich religious culture. Some midnight water nooky in Bali’s sweet oceans is an absolutely budget-friendly honeymoon activity you simply must enjoy!

9) Florence

If romance is what gets your eyes all misty, then head out to the veritable capital of romance, Florence, Italy. Incredible Italian food, magnificent renaissance architecture, amazing art and a city that lives in the past – could you ask for more?Explore the Duomo cathedral, the shops at Ponte Vecchio and the splendid Uffizi Gallery with your darling. While Florence has many luxury hotels, you can easily find budget-friendly stays here. Most of the sights in Florence are free to enjoy, so make the most of this wonderfully artsy city.

10) Hawaii

Hawaii is the very embodiment of romance. Go for skinny dips in natural hot springs with your love. Pull on your hiking books and explore the rugged coasts. Dance the hula with Hawaiian girls in their grass skirts, wearing fragrant flower garlands and weaving to the magic of Hawaii. You’ll find both luxury resorts and budget-friendly hostels and cheap apartments for rent in Hawaii. Many newlyweds opt to enjoy their first few weeks of intimacy in Hawaii, so there is any number of jollies here for free or less.


Your first few weeks together as a married couple are really special, so put on your joint thinking caps and determine exactly what kind of honeymoon you’d like. The world is full of incredible places to visit, so make your honeymoon the most memorable vacation of your life by picking one of these top budget friendly honeymoon destinations.



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