Weddings are full of colors. Each color represents something beautiful, holy, or just a feeling or emotion. They help to represent what and how you feel at a moment also describing the traits of your personality. A few people like darker shades showcasing that they have a more intense personality and liking than the lovers of brighter shades who mostly are the cheerful and fun-loving ones. Your liking for color can tell a lot about you and hence, choosing the right color is an essential element of any party or wedding theme. It gives a meaning, a symbolization as well as new life to your setting.


Weddings these days have lovely themes with impressive decor. A lot of hard work, time, effort, and money need to be invested to get things right. Color is something that can add life to your decor along with providing a particular purpose or meaning to it. For a few pre-wedding functions, some colors are by default set like green for the Mehendi ceremony due to the color of Henna or yellow in the Haldi ceremony owning to its color. But you can make changes according to your theme, dress codes, lighting, and other elements of decor.

The color variations can go from lighting to backdrops, to food counters to bar decor, from photoshoots to even the outfits of the bride and groom. These days along with the groom, brides also love to experiment with their lehenga style and colors. So, knowing about the top Indian bridal lehenga colors inspirations for 2020’s brides can be really helpful. 

Color Inspirations


Colors are everywhere around us. From the blue sky to the green trees, from the pink flowers to the red birds, it lives around. They add meaning and purpose to everything and anything. Like blue becomes a symbol of infinity, or green symbolizes growth.

When outfits are chosen as per colors, they represent our style. They are a way of expressing how we feel or want to feel for the occasion. Weddings are fun and celebratory. You might want to show that aspect by adding a brighter wardrobe. It might also be possible that you want to represent your elegant and classy personality with shades like pastel colors, grey or maroon. It depends on who you are and how you want the world to perceive you.

Bridal Lehenga Latest Inspirations

Pastel Shades


Pastel shades are the epitome of elegance. The new era has adopted them for the same reason for wedding lehengas. From pastel pinks to blues, to greens to all others, they add beauty with their touch of grace.


The top designers have brought this trend of stylish and classy multi-colored lehengas. These not only give an exclusive look with the use of colors but showcase your style with the use of unique patterns.

Playing with the Common Red


Red is the favorite of most brides. Why not just play around with the shades or just try full-fledged red ensemble with lighter work?

Pink and Blue Trend

Pink has become the new favorite. Along with being an elegant color, it adds purity of love in the ceremony. Blue is yet another soothing color, providing a new modern look.

White is the new Style


Nothing can be classier than white. It is like a fairy tale wedding combo with white decor and white lehenga. It can even look beautiful with golden or silver work on it.

Bright shades


Bright shades like the use of yellow or orange or even neon add an element of fun. It is like a combination of tradition with a modern idea of celebration.

Dull Yet Stylish

Colors like dull grey or brownish can add the rustic look to a classy style. Grey lehengas have become an in-thing in recent years.