Traditional Jumpsuit Ideas

Jumpsuits are comfort with style, we all know that. What we didn’t know was it can also be an amazing traditional wear for weddings. Are you thinking that its a pant style outfit, how can it be a ‘traditional’ outfit for women, that too a wedding dress? Don’t worry, we have just the answer for you. You can decide for yourself. Traditional Jumpsuit Ideas are your go-to fashion mantra for this summer wedding season.

Check out these ideas and take inspiration for the summer wedding outfits:

Pastel Colored Jumpsuit

Pastel colors are evergreen colors, they don’t get old and never out of fashion. It’s very simplicity and minimalistic features is what take them for the long haul. Pastel colors are also “In” these days for weddings especially.

Minty Green Jumpsuit. You can wear this for Pre Wedding or even D-day events.


Dusty Lilac colored Jumpsuit. Perfect for wedding cocktails.


Metallic Jumpsuit


Mineral Blue Embroidered Jumpsuit. This outfit gives out a very traditionally comfortable look with a tinch of sophistication.


The “PapaDon’tPreach” by Shubhika Jumpsuit

This label by millennial designer Shubhika Davda, is everything young and refreshing. Witty mix of colors on the classic old traditional Indian wears. Lehengas, long skirts, jumpsuits, all for wedding purposes. PapaDon’tPreach has really given us some cutting edge Indian fashion ideas.

Mustard Yellow Embroidered Cut-out Jumpsuit.

Blue Embroidered Jumpsuit.

Ivory Embroidered Jumpsuit.


Sheer Floral Jumpsuit

This one is a bit heavier than all the above Jumpsuits we’ve checked out so far. Intricate detailing work on sheer fabrics are just beautiful at any given day. Floral patterns have already made their way through wedding designs clothings. Somehow, we are not yet bored of it.

Dark Green Embellished Jumpsuit.


Saree Style Jumpsuit

We love sarees. But we can’t always wear sarees in wedding events, unless its a close one’s wedding. As young women, we are always looking for something comfortable as well as glamorous. For all those who have wished for an easier way to carry/drape a saree. Saree Style Jumpsuits are here to lead you. Where comfort is the new fashion trend, saree style jumpsuits are the perfect combination of it.

Elegant Navy Blue Saree Style Jumpsuit with minimal embroidery.

Plain Contemporary as well as Indian Jumpsuit. You can accompany it with some statement or festive jewels to add a wedding feel to the ensemble.


Pastel Pink Colored Jumpsuit with light one sided embroidery.


Bridal Jumpsuit

Mind you, above ideas are for wedding guests and not the bride. Bridal jumpsuits would look something like what Priyanka Chopra wore for her wedding after party. Since Indian brides are more into Bridal lehengas and anarkalis more than jumpsuits for any pre or post wedding events, jumpsuits aren’t really meant for Indian brides.

Image Source

Priyanka Chopra Jonas with husband Nick Jonas during their wedding after party scene, slaying it in that gorgeous jumpsuit. There’s something about the way she carries her clothes out. Can never get enough of it.



Well, you know what to do. Go get a traditional and trendy jumpsuit with all the ideas you’ve gathered from here. And FYI, you get most of the above original at Pernia’s Pop Up Shop which is an online platform to buy your favorite designer wear. Let us know which one would be your favorite Jumpsuit style.