People say that on their wedding day a bride looks best at her radiant. The bridal entrance may be a small part of the ritual, but it is a decades-old tradition and has a deep nostalgic sense. Originally, the phoolon ki chaadar was intended to ward off evil eyes and keep the bride looking her very best on her wedding, surrounded by a bed of blowers. Though the idea may have changed, the feeling remains the same. The phoolon ki chaadar are becoming more creative and exotic. Find out some of our favorite choices.

1. Roses

Roses are the most wanted flowers, and on a whole new stage, a Phoolon Ki Chaadar with an abundance of roses looks amazing. Pastel or classic red roses attached to phoolon ki chaadar with white floral mesh seem to be the perfect option for day weddings. With this, you can be as simple or grand as you wish!


2. Kalire

Kalire makes for an outstanding decoration, a beautiful wedding photography prop, and even a beautiful phoolon ki chaadar. Brides often flaunted kaliras in their hands embellished with mehendi. Why not add them to your chaadar, then? If you love kalire, a Phoolon Ki Chaadar with golden Kalire attached to a traditional chaadar in red is a great choice. This phoolon ki chaadar looks simplistic and dazzling. Walk down the aisle with this sparkling kalire ki chaadar. Make your phoolon ki chaadar a sign of grace and an epitome of ceremonial traditional representation.


3. Dupatta

You can also use dupatta instead of opting for phoolon ki chaadar, which would give you a traditional look and complement your wedding attire, too. If Deepika Padukone can do it, anybody can. The dupatta awning gives a traditional touch and is also homely. For pretty pictures, select a sheer dupatta in pastel hues or whatever suits your wedding theme. 


4. Ignite with LED

Ditch the routine and opt for an LED canopy pattern that catches the attention of everybody. LED canopies make it big in the wedding trends and look like a perfect choice if you want to avoid flowers. Fill your phoolon ki chaadar with a few strips of LED lights and shine brightly! This not only lightens your outfit but also literally illuminates your path.


5. Dome-shaped

If you’re not looking for the straight, rectangular shape, consider opting for a dome-shaped phoolon ki chaadar. Entering the wedding venue underneath this dome-shaped umbrella-like phoolon ki chaadar is going to be a wonderful thing to do. This will for sure be a royal entry. You can choose from a wide range of flowers, and customize them as you like. It can even stand out by the bells attached to it.


6. Umbrella

The bride’s most innovative idea for walking down the aisle is under an umbrella. It looks chic and trendy and is always easy to hold. There are so many ways to use an umbrella to enter! You can walk under a beautiful lace umbrella or you can also choose embroidered designs on your umbrella. 


Factors a bride needs to keep in mind while deciding her phoolon ki chaadar

A wisely chosen phoolon ki chaadar will add charm oodles to your wedding photographs and to your bridal entry. And we’re positive you’re not going to go wrong here. Therefore, here are a few considerations that you will keep in mind when finalizing your phoolon ki chaadar. 

  1. Coordinate your phoolon ki chaadar with the beautiful outfit for great photos. It will add to the overall style, and not take it away.
  2. Make sure it complements the venue’s overall environment. Don’t ask for a phoolon ki chaadar that is full of red roses if there are no red roses in your venue.
  3. Consider providing long sticks for support at chaadar corners. It’ll be easier for members of the family to carry it without extending their arms.